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  1. download and install thiss one instead, contains media player clasic http://www.k-litemegacodecpack.com/ Good Luck
  2. Use media player clasic which you find inside k-lite codec pack and you can find it here. http://www.k-litemegacodecpack.com/ this pack WILL solve your problem Good Luck
  3. Or you can try media player classic which is a part of K-Lite Mega Codec Pack.The current version 1.54. If you cant get it right with this one then it´s either something wrong with the file or ............ Use this to download http://www.k-litemegacodecpack.com/ Good Luck
  4. when you start/ restart a torrent you must make sure that it points towards the location of the downloaded file. At the top of the window when you start a torrent. Check in properties of the started torrent that says 100% at the top it says where the file is located. If you start a torrent and that line doesnt match with where your file is, BitComet will start a new download
  5. If yo open the MSinfodocument with notepad it should say how you should do. But if it doesn´t Do like this. Burn it to a disc. If you use Nero Nero Startsmart Backup Burn image to disc- choose nero express image, project,copy disc image or saved project go to the location of your file and choose the .cue-file Burn. That the way to do it. You can open bin-files in WinISO or PowerISO good luck
  6. Well, if you DL movies, why not programs.
  7. This one is realy easy download PowerISO install and extract the file and then watch the file in any program you want, it´s propably an .avi-file inside good luck
  8. I´ve created a torrent and upploaded it to a torrentsite. And it starts of seeding, like it should. With 100% and upploading, but after a while the percentage starts decreasingand after a day, or so it´s down to 90%. Anyone knows whats wrong? I´ve made and upploaded loads of torrents before and this has never happened before. Thanks
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