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  1. Thanks for your response. I know that right-clicking will make Open Directory possible, but I still don't understand where the button across the top went.
  2. In the past, when I open the bitcomet page there's been a row of tags Start-Stop-Preview-Open Direct-Properties-Delete. Now Open Direct has disappeared. Does anyone know why, or how I can get it back? It was very useful. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I may have solved my own problem. Apparently UAC virtualization was disabled. I enabled it, closed bitcomet, and when I reopened it, it opened properly.
  4. Today I've been using bitcomet without a problem but suddenly find that when I click on the icon the page doesn't maximize. Bitcomet is still open, I can add new torrents and I still get the notification when a task is finished, but I can't see, for example, the torrent history or how far along any of the tasks are. Please help.
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