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  1. Thanks once again. I have started to download in the new format. I guess one can do this with a lot of axxo film clips but as you say, it might be easier to get myself to get myself another player or at least, ask Santa being as its so close to Xmas!!! Bless your heart and have a good one. Regards, Whiteknight2006
  2. First I would like to thank you scarecrow for the advise given and the guide. I followed it to the letter, but although I managed to burn to a CD, I can only view it on my PC. I was hoping to view it on a DVD player. Is there a way to view it on my DVD player?
  3. Im a new member and a complete novice when it comes to burning files or video clips to cd's or dvd's. Ive downloaded mission impossible 3 and want to burn it but it appears to be an axxo.nfo file and not recognised by Nero. can you help?
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