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  1. Operation Market-Garden (first codename "Comet", coïncidentally) didn't start from Antwerp (tho supplies and troops were shipped to the port) but from a smaller town to the east, called Lommel... From there, Allied ground troops chopped their way to Arnhem in Holland... The avatar is a detail from the cover of "Sign Of The Hammer", by NYC based band Manowar... It is the Mjolnir, better known as the Hammer Of Thor, God of Thunder... JJ
  2. BitComet is banned from certain trackers because its DHT system works too well, thus avoiding to having to subscribe/sign-up to a private community (if only 1 member of a private community uses BitComet, all non members can connect through that 1 person). Secondly, when connecting through DHT, boards that use stats get all haywire cuz the stats don't show, simply because you are down/uploading from/to peers directly, not via the tracker... that is why BitComet has been wrongly tagged as the "Leecher's Client"... Even a dumpsite like Demonoid urges folks to not turn their DHT on when down/uploading, because their stats would get even more screwy than they are now... JJ
  3. First, Rasta, check right here... that should prove to be helpfull ;) Second, I suspect when you talk about speeds, you mean download speeds (everybody's only concerned about those, ainnit...)... well, your download speed is dependent on the upload speed of the peers you are connected to (often referred to as "the swarm" ), *and* their connectivity. When you download from a bunch of ppl where there's only 2 seeds, and they all have their uploads capped to the minimum, don't expect a staggering download then... ;) I've had downloads @ over 500kBps, and @ 1kBps... About the ratio, best thing is to *at least* give back what you got, meaning you upload 100% back... more is always nice, especially when there's not much seeds in the swarm... JJ
  4. Some ISO files (or cue & bin files) are also 'disguised' as a RAR file, but when you go look into the folder with something like Daemon Tools, you'll see that one of the files is loadable into the virtual DVD player that comes with Daemon. From there on, you can watch the movie/install the game/listen to the CD after having loaded it into that virtual drive, or choose to burn the files to DVD/CD, like you would when making a 'normal' 1:1 copy... Daemon Tools is freeware and loads *any* existing ISO or related files. Only files made with PowerISO could cause some difficulties, but they are not as common yet. PowerISO is shareware, recognizes also most ISO's, but is more aggressive (i.e. when installed next to Daemon, it pushes Daemon off the charts, while Daemon doesn't interfere with PowerISO) PowerISO is also lacking in that it doesn't support self-extracting ISO's and it's much more complicated to configure than Daemon Tools... Daemon Tools is easy to instal. Once installed, right-click the system tray icon and choose how many virtual DVD players you want to use. Once you chose the amount (usually just the one), you right-click the icon in the system tray again, and hover yer cursor over "virtuall CD/DVD-rom" in the little pop-up window. Once hovering there, you'll see another pop-up menu, saying "device 0: [letter of device:] No Media >" Again, move the cursor, this time over "device 0: [letter of device:] No Media >"... another option will become visible (2 in fact, but you only need the first one): choose "mount Image"... A small window will open in which you can scroll to the folder that contains the CD/DVD image. You don't need to worry about what files to mount, as normally only the imagefiles will be visible. Once you have gotten that far, the rest is childs play ;) JJ
  5. I didn't have that problem with 0.79... but switched back to 0.70 anyway,because of other issues ;) JJ
  6. When there's .cue and .bin files involved, get yerself Daemon tools. That's an emulator, better known as a proggie that installs a virtual CD/DVD player in which you can load the .cue file... Those files are images, just like an ISO file. Once you've loaded the .cue file in a virtual player, you can either choose to install the game from there, or burn it to CD, like you would when making a 1:1 copy... ;) JJ
  7. I'm a global mod on a torrentsite, Biggbaa, and believe me when i say that some of the good folk that swagger around the place can count themselves to be fortunate that i can't reach them :lol: I have constructed FAQ's, help guides, tutorials, with links, flashing neons; the whole kaboodle to simplify life of the "newbies", but do you think they care or even read the stuff? Nooooo, sirreee... They come busting in with the elegance of a young elephant, crying havoc, usually in the wrong section of the wrong forum, because they think the whole universe evolves around *them*... Well, pardon me sunshine -that's to the imaginary newbie- but get yer lily-white butt out of my face and LQQK around the place... :lol: As an outsider, who doesn't have to deal with these situations on an hourly basis, it may seem rude, and maybe it is, but it is even more rude to come busting in without even having the respect to read the things that were meant to help them in the first place... Just my 2 euro-cents, Biggbaa ;) JJ
  8. Also remember that, when burning data or mixed content to disc, to not set the burning speed too high. High speeds are nice, but tend to screw the data... A burn speed of 12x to max 24x speed is the best option for data/mixed content files... ;) JJ
  9. Demonoid is a dumpsite that uses a private tracker. Though Demonoid is not my primary site (Komodo Island is), since I'm using their tracker, I have to post at Demonoid also. That's one of their requirements for using their tracker, the second being (obviously) that you sign-up first. The third requirement is that you turn off the DHT function to not screw-up your stats at Demonoid, tho I must say that even without DHT their stats don't add up... Secondly, what you indicate, or propose to do, is not acceptable by unwritten torrentsharing standards. Downloading someone's torrents and posting or linking to them on other sites is considered stealing. Most communities where you have to become a member don't accept hotlinking (posting a torrent that's really on another site) or posting a torrent that is still seeded by the original poster, even when you acknowledge that original uploader. Imagine how *you* would feel, after you had spent hours putting together a torrent, searching for relevant info, scanning the artwork, posting the damn thing to only find out that 20 minutes later some fool has high-jacked your torrent and posted it on another site ... think about it ;) I post my stuff at Komodo and Demonoid, but also at mininova, Torrentbox and Meganova. All my torrents carry my name in it, so I can find 'em easy, and so folks can't post it somewhere else before they have finished it themselves... tho I still find my torrents unchanged on other dumpsites... When you have finished a download, just keep your window open and seed to at least 1:1, or 100%... It's only fair... JJ
  10. Thanks a lot for the fix, BitDave... It seems that I was a tad too zealous, as I warned for links where money is asked and then provide a link that just does that :( Cheers mate B) JJ
  11. I've seen a lot of adverts and other folks recommending this or that app to clean out the mess ppl made on their diff drives... One major problem that often arises, is the cleansing of the registry... A lot of folks most of the time are confronted with a lot of gizmo that don't mean anything to them, so they get rid of it... next thing of course, when re-booting, the PC lights up like a christmas tree, sounding like an old Wurlitzer during a powersurge... after which, the local hardware retailer is having a field day, cuz he can make a quick buck on the lads and lasses who tinkered with the registry... Well, for all those nice folk, I present you EasyCleaner: http://personal.inet.fi/business/toniarts/ecleane.htm Alternative download locations: http://www.majorgeeks.com/EasyCleaner_d414.html It is the only app that I have ever used where there's *absolutely* *no* risk involved... Because it only lets you delete registry links that are dead, completely useless... Also, as you can see in the "Friendly Tips" in the pic above, everything you do is undoable, as all that is cleared first passes through the recycle bin... ;) Been using it for over a year now and *never* had any trouble with it... Just make sure you use the link I provided, as TonYArts (who made the app) is being screwed by an unkoosher lot who stole the app and are charging ppl for it... Don't get fooled ppl, this is *FREEWARE* JJ
  12. JimmyJump

    bad moon

    You can probably get it for 3 pop in a video store round the corner, so why bother? JJ
  13. Fragmentation of yer hard drive has nothing to do with how old your system is, Brunascle... But with the frequency at which you install/uninstall programs, apps and /or games/music/whatever... I've got 5 HD's with 2 partitions each. 3 partitions are in use the most: my C-drive, obviously, and my "Uploads" and "Downloads" drives... The C-drive and the "Downloads" drive get a nice defrag *every* week ;) What happens when you install/uninstall a lot of stuff, is that, because practically no 2 files have the same size, windows fills-out empty spaces with parts of things that you install/download... If you just moved a folder with a 450MB size, and after that you downlaod a file with a size of, say, 460MB, parts of that downloaded folder will be put into the void left by the 450MB folder you moved. Problem is that it is not sure that windows will fill the 450MB void with exact the same volume, maybe leaving a couple of MB empty space. It can also be, that parts of a folder are being split. Even smaller mp3 files can get chopped in more parts to fit in empty spaces, thus making it ahrder for yer machine to relocate the stuff when you want to have a look/listen... You say your system is *only* 2 months old... well, I've transited around 500GB in that period of time, of which 400GB is burned to CD/DVD, the rest has been transferred to other discs... ;) JJ Sorry for the double post... :(
  14. If you have a preference for certain files within a torrent, just ban the others *before* starting the download, i.e. in the download window of BitComet that opens when hitting a torrentfile... You can always add the rest later... JJ
  15. Introduce myself already in the "New Members Report" forum, but what the h***... A big hello, and equal welcome to yee all B) Looking forward to seek out the diff sections, and maybe even lend a hand left and right ;) Cheerio, Prinses S. JJ For your information, Fay... You just did ;)
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