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  1. As the issue you are facing is related to ping that is causing trouble to your internet, so you can try Latency Optimizer. You can find out much more about ping monitoring tools by visiting https://appuals.com/best-tools-for-ping-monitoring-and-management/ this tool. It will help you in dealing all the errors you are facing on your PC and sort out the trouble on unstable ping.
  2. Hellp Sparky82, you can solve your issue by asking the ISP to unblock the port. If it’s not possible then you can use a non-standard port. There is this possibility that you get applications to operate on non-standard ports. Check this site out http://whatismyip.network/detect-isp-proxy-tool/ for more info. As an instance, although HTTP uses port 80 by default there is nothing preventing us from commanding http to utilize another port like 79. To utilize a non-standard port setup your router to forward this latest port to the inner device you needs to communicate with. I hope that by doing that you would be able to fix your issue easily.
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