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  1. I went back to using Bitcomet v. 1.57 and no more problems. "piece_part.bc!" is deleted automatically every time and additionally - no more occasional very high CPU usage. Will this functionality return ?
  2. "Delete task only" and "Delete task and downloaded files" are the only options for me. v. 1.67 I would like the functionality to delete the "piece_part.bc!" automatically as in earlier versions. (v.1.57 and earlier)
  3. What is task remove window ? if I right-click on task and select delete, it gives me two options: "Delete task only" and "Delete task and downloaded files"
  4. The "piece_part.bc!" is created per torrent. It is a separate file that gets created next to downloaded file(s) into the same folder. ".bc" is an extension that can be added to the unfinished file. (that's ok and it's automatically removed when download complete) Ok, I see why the confusion - I've been talking about .bc not deleted, but that's just me being lazy and writing .bc instead of piece_part.bc! I wrote it out fully as "piece_part.bc!" in the first post where I had the question about it, but the next post Rhubarb wrote it ".bc" so I thought it's ok to call it tha
  5. Exatly like this. The other things, however - no matter if I download multiple files or just a single file (not selective one, but the whole download is just one file), the .bc is always created. Earlier versions of Bitcomet (before 1.58 or maybe a few versions earlier) used to delete .bc from anywhere, now it only deletes it from main download folder, not from subfolders. I know the .bc does not consume much space, but if I eventually put all my downloaded files into folders by category, then with every file there comes this .bc and it's very annoying to de
  6. "Delete task only" deletes .bc but retains the downloaded file. It does that correctly in the dedicated download folder but not if the downloaded file comes with it's own folder. How to better explain ? If I download a folder that contains some files, then Bitcomet creates this folder with these files, inside my dedicated download folder and it also creates the .bc file next to these files that are inside this folder. "Delete task only" used to remove the .bc file but not anymore. If I download some files that are without a folder, then these files are created directly in m
  7. As I mentioned before - nothing is moved before I click "delete task", it should know where the files are. It used to work fine with earlier Bitcomet versions.
  8. That's the thing - it does if the files are in the default folder ! It used to delete them from anywhere, not anymore.
  9. No, not moved. It wont delete the .bc file before moving. I even cannot move any downloaded stuff before I delete task. And by deleting task the .bc should be deleted. But it isn't if it's inside an additional folder that's inside the main download folder. Sorry, I'm not sure how to explain this better, english is not my native language...
  10. I know it's for seeding, but what is the "delete task only" should do then ? And why it deletes the .bc file when it's in the default download folder and not when it's inside a folder that's inside the default download folder ? Deleting task used to work no matter the .bc location, but no it only works when the .bc is in the default download folder.
  11. That's what I do, but mostly I want to move these downloaded files with their folders and then I still need to manually delete the .bc file from these folders.
  12. Hmm,.. if I want to delete task but want to have the downloaded file itself remaining, deleting task should remove the .bc temp file. And it does so if I download into the main (dedicated) download location. But if the downloaded file comes within it's personal folder (many files come this way), then the .bc file is not removed when I delete task. It looks like the Bitcomet cannot delete .bc if it's inside a folder that's inside the default download location. I have tried to completely remove Bitcomet (using Revo Uninstaller) and then made a clean install, still the same beha
  13. Ok, ok, I only mentioned this to illustrate the fact that I am not a noob. 😉 There is another question, (I didn't start a new topic, because I already did it a while ago, but did not get any answer.) - I download different stuff and I have noticed, that after I choose the option "delete task only" in Bitcomet, the task disappears from Bitcomet's list, but the .piece_part.bc! is not deleted from folder. Example: I download some file.txt (or any other file type) into my main download folder and after I've seeded it for some time, I need to move the file to another location. I
  14. Hahaha - it's not a d*** measuring contest. (The XT was just the first computer that I owned.) The point is I know what I'm talking about. Why I claim that my system is 100% secure ? The same reason I mentioned before - how else do you explain how I'm managed to keep all my systems virus free all the time ? I could bet a large sum of money and have some security experts check my system. Always check stuff, then double check with another tools, then, if the stuff is a program, run it in a sandbox first. The system must have more than one shields and firewalls. And it also he
  15. Well, I know thoroughly everything that goes on with my system and I also know every file and folder and their purposes. I scan my system constantly with different kinds of scanning tools and software and I download only very specific stuff and I always scan it very thorougly. (Every download goes into sandbox first). Also my system is not anything standard - it has been modified heavily for security. As I said earlier - no viruses in my system(s) in over 20 years. (I have also been in IT very long time - my first personal computer was XT) If I say my system is 100% virus free, then I know wh
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