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  1. An update - today no more antivirus pop-ups. I guess the infected udp URLs are either blocked, no more infected or just gone. Or maybe some update of the antivirus keeps the pop-ups for showing.
  2. My latest installed program is from 26 May 2020. This problem started just few days ago. I have checked my computer with antivirus and malwarebytes - nothing found. It looks like Bitcomet tries to make udp connections to infected addresses. I know it's not Bitcomet problem, because the same bitcomet.exe had no problems until now. I suspect the problems are these udp URLs that have become infected. How to prevent Bitcomet from connecting to these infected URLs ? Is there some way to automatically blacklist these URLs ? There is the same problem reported (started just few days ago) with another torrent client: https://www.reddit.com/r/qBittorrent/comments/hir7ym/botnet_blacklist_on_qbittorrent/ So it looks like something global.
  3. Nope, watched these youtube videos and checked very thoroughly - no viruses, no unknown new programs, no Mail.ru or any other unwanted things anywhere. Also the note from Avast says to submit the file to their developers for analysis. - does not help - the same file (bitcomet.exe v.1.67) has been fine before and it's not changed or replaced and does not contain virus itself. So it's not a local problem - something is wrong with UDP connections.
  4. The message my antivirus displays: Danger - Botnet:Blacklist URL - udp:// < (this changes with every message) Process - C:\Program files\bitcomet\bitcomet.exe When bitcomet is active, this message keeps showing up and disrupts whatever I'm doing. Even after closing bitcomet, it still shows up for some time before finally stops. I have the same old torrents that have been over a month, but these messages started just few days ago. This is making using bitcomet nearly impossible.
  5. When downloading something, there's a temporary .bc file created along with the downloaded file. Until recently, after clicking "deleting task only" - this temp file was deleted, leaving only the downloaded file. But now, since 1.58 this temp file remains even after clicking "delete task only". I have to manually delete it every time and this is very annoying.
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