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  1. Hi Rhubarb Thanks for your response. Azure File can be mounted on local windows machine as a hard drive. It works fine when I use BitComet to download files that are less than 4GB to this hard drive. Meanwhile I can copy files larger than 4GB to this hard drive. So it would be great if BitComet can download 4GB files directly to this hard drive:-) Regards, Qi
  2. Got an issue when trying to download large files with BitComet v1.58. When opening a torrent file and choosing destination directory is says: "The file to be download is larger than 4GB, please modify your destination location to NTFS!". The file system that I am using is MAFS (Microsoft Azure File System) which definitely support files that are larger than 4GB. Since 4GB limitation only exist in legacy file systems such as FAT and FAT32, it would be great if in such case BitComet could check with a "blacklist" and only block FAT and FAT32. For other cloud-base file systems, just let them go. Regards, Qi
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