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  1. PAGEFILE is one of many potential causes but IMO, it's also likely you're NOT enjoying the fruits of GOOD HOUSEKEEPING on your 12 core processor. In other words I believe you potentially have FAR TO MANY junk and non-relevant programs running on the 12 core device. It would explain MUCH about your issues.
  2. Not seeing this issue on a 4th Gen laptop i7 with 32 gig of non-ECC ram with many tons of other stuff running, in fact it's my primary computer through which i maintain connection via AnyDesk to 4 other remote computers ( all of which run a CPU/MEMORY intensive task called FOLDIT ) which is a protein folding game that i've and others have been playing for well over 10 years. It requires 3 threads to play one client of Foldit or you WILL SEE massive issues.
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