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  1. I tried to increase the pagefile.sys as you suggested and nothing changed. I have now installed Bitcomet 1.73 on a new PC with a clean installation of Windows 10, updated to the October 2020 version and with all new drivers installed. No other apps are installed. After about 90 minutes the upload speed drops again to zero and stays there. I uninstalled the 1.73 version and installed 1.70. Everything works fine given that I seed about 1000 torrents. This is without changing the pagefile.sys default setting on the new PC. I also tried to toggle the Options\Bittorrent\Enable A
  2. I have now made a clean install of Bitcomet ver. 1.69 on a clean install of Windows 10. I restored from the backup the downloads.xml file and the ..\AppData\Roaming\BitComet\torrents folder. I started Bitcomet and all works perfectly well as it used to before. Upload speed goes to maximum and stays there for at least 12 hours. I noticed that when running ver. 1.73 Bitcomet was consuming gradually more and more memory. When it stopped uploading and I exited the app it started gradually releasing back memory to the system and after 10 mins the pop up window asked the user to send the c
  3. NO !!! None at all !!! The only other app running is the emule plugin which works fine.
  4. I have now enabled the system.enable_expert_mode (set it to TRUE) in the Options\Advanced\ menu and a new tab has appeared that logs the following: BitComet 1.73 is running on: CPU : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3392 MHz RAM size : 7.89 GB OS Version: Windows 10 (10.0.19042) Configuration file folder: C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Roaming\BitComet Connecting DHT Network... load rss filtes failed: C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Roaming\BitComet\rules\rss_filters.json Memory Compact Finished: 1.09 GB => 483.7 MB Decreased: 637.9 MB Memory Compact Finished: 860.8 MB =&g
  5. I have now reset Windows 10 from within Windows by selecting the option to remove everything in drive C:\ by using an image that windows downloaded from the Microsoft site. So this is a clean install. I then installed Bitcomet ver. 13. Before running Bitcomet I copied in the users\...\AppData\Roaming\BitComet\ the same folder that I had saved from the previous installation. This way all of my previous torrent tasks were loaded correctly into Bitcomet. As I currently only have seeding tasks they started seeding normally. After about 1 hour the upload speed dropped suddenly to zero wit
  6. The problem started after I upgraded to the October update. Around the same time I also upgraded to Bitcomet ver 1.73. I thought that this was a problem related to the new Bitcomet version. Using the path in Windows 10 Settings\System\About\Advanced System Settings\System Properties\Advanced\Performance\Settings\Performance Options\Advanced\Change it was shown that only drive C:\ was having a paging file automatically managed by Windows. I then unchecked the "Automatically manage the paging file for all drives" and set manually the "Custom size" to an "Initial value" of 15232 and a "
  7. I used the Bitcomet crash report utility that comes up on its own at the end. It was not a the Microsoft reporting agent which has never appeared. I sent another one using Bitcomet a short while ago. I am also uploading on this post the crash dump that I saved on my hard disk. 80540756-75fb-4717-99ea-8a7deea4b184.zip
  8. I have now excluded the output folder (C:\Downloads) as you suggested but nothing changed. When the app crashed again I chose to "Provide additional feedback" and then I sent the report. In the comment field I mentioned my forum user name abc101 so that you can correlate the above info with the crash dump files sent out by the application.
  9. 1: The router is providing an IP address through DHCP which I have designated as static. This way it does not change after a router restart. 2: I tried clicking on manual but this does not change anything. I am not worried about not being able to login. I mention this in case it provides any information with regard to the speed problem. 3: I have already set the A/V to exclude the Bitcomet folders in C:\Program Files\Bitcomet and also the data folders under \User\.. The A/V is anyhow disabled when I run the tests. 4: The Windows firewall is set up correctly by the application an
  10. I have just installed Bitcomet ver 1.73 on a Windows 10 Operating system with the latest updates installed. I have also disabled the antivirus. I have downloaded several torrent files which I then decided to seed. The "DHT Connected" and "Port Opened" icons are both green. I am using manual port forwarding on the router and therefore I have disabled the "Enable UPnP port mapping" option. In the "details" tab the TCP/UDP ports are reported as "Opened in Firewall/Router" and the "Windows Firewall:" shows "Added (TCP added, UDP added, TCP(ED2K) added, UDP(ED2K) added)". I now have only
  11. This web page : http://wiki.bitcomet.com/Using_eMule_plugin appears to have broken images. Can you please restore them. It makes it much easier to understand . Also in the Bitcomet client Windows version under the menu "All Downloads" appears an entry as "Uncompleted". Please note that this word does not exist and it would be much better to appear as "Incomplete".
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