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  1. I ve just installed the trial version of Norton included with my computer (internet security and antivirus) and this makes all remote connection disappears. I permitted bitcomet without result, so does that means they are uncompatible? THx
  2. no, u set the maximum upload per task to 16kps u can change it in Settings
  3. he was translating for the poster
  4. be more specific plz problem while connecting? starting torrent? transfering? lauching? dvd or not it doesn't matter, every file is treated the same way (video file at least)
  5. wireless router has a static IP, some normal router also has that, dsl connections are also static in most cases
  6. Thanks a lot Bitdave, u r right!!! :) now its back to normal. I never thought about this before Thx again :lol:
  7. Everything was fine until very recently : I am not able to connect to any remote peers and always get a < than 10 kbs. My port forwarding config are good and any setting haven't changed on the router nor computer. I am using 0.70 and pg2 btw thanks
  8. just open another port http://www.p2pforums.com/viewtopic.php?p=99434
  9. correct me if i m wrong www.crackdb.org just don't go to affilates sites STICK to SITE RESULTS after a search ps. dont click on the adult content on top(with adwares and malwares)
  10. make sure it is for ps2 first and then use clonecd to burn the dvd
  11. It's peer to peer: u download and upload at the same time. choosing to not upload will decrease ur download speed a lot. uploaded: mb u already gave to others rate: kb per second u upload
  12. some friends of mine use the dot.tk , its free
  13. Is PeerGuardian really useful? Other IP blocker didn't work of my pc because they dont support dynamic IP. thx
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