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  1. Why is Norton 360 Anti-Virus and Windows Defender stating BitComet.exe installation is a Virus a Non-Trusted Application? Norton 360 Anti-Virus and Windows Defender removes BitComet from my PC every time, I try to install it. Before installing BitComet.exe. I disable Norton 360 Anti-Virus and Windows Defender. After installation is complete. BitComet works Great! Until I enable Norton. Once I enable Norton. Norton automatically detects BitComet as a Virus and removes BitComet from my PC. I used BitComet since 1998 and never once had this issue. I've used Norton 360 for many years and never once ran into this issue until now. Anyone has an answer what the issue is why I can't install BitComet on my Windows 10? Thanks!
  2. Thank you 'Rhubarb' for replying to my post. My PC operation system is Windows 10. I have Norton 360 up to-date and installed. You mentioned to close all running programs? I had no programs running when I tried to install BitComet. In fact, I disabled Norton Anti-virus and Firewall before attempting to install. I also, have a VPN installed.....Step by step what I did, First, I disabled Norton Anti-virus and Firewall. Then I attempted to install BitComet Client. With Norton Disabled, Windows Defender popped up refusing to run BitComet.exe. Windows Defender stated BitComet.exe was a Virus refused to install. So, I went into the system and disabled Windows Defender. I then opened Google Chrome/ BitComet/Download website. Once I typed in Google Search bar, BitComent. Google warning pops-up telling me Strange activity has been detected with some type of error message Atchea warning. I never had this much trouble trying to install BitComet. I'm a Major Level score of 15,600, 3 stars and 3 Moons. I've been using BitComet since 1998. These issues hasn't started until I started using Windows 10....End result....Yes, I installed BitComet. As soon as I enabled Norton. Norton automatically considered BitComet not trusted, claimed it is a Virus and completely removed BitComet. I have "qBittorrent Client" installed with no issues. Norton claims qBittorrent is OK. But , not BitComet. I think Norton added BitComet to it's Block list.
  3. I have a Two questions, (1): Is BitComet NO-MORE? ( I created TWO Help & Support Question Posts on this Forum. I received 13 views but, not ONE Reply) Brings me to wonder if anyone is using BitComet anymore or Lack of Forum members offering help & advice. Not a single reply received in 48 hours is not a good sign. Is there anyone out there that can reply with help & support? If so? Here's my questions and issues I'm having,,,,,, (2): I can't seem to install BitComet Client on my PC. I'm using Windows 10. Norton 360 Anti-virus and Windows defender is preventing me from Installing BitComet. I disabled Norton and disabled Windows Defender. I installed BitComet. When I Enable Norton Anti-Virus. Norton automatically, states BitComet is a Virus and is removed. Both Norton & Windows Defender claims BitComet is a Virus and removes BitComet. I also, receive warning messages on my PC stating something about Acthata Google detected warnings of Strange activities has been detected on my ISP/PC. I have a VPN installed on my PC. Is there another Torrent Client other then BitComet I can install?
  4. I need help? I'm lost. BitComet will not work. (Port blocked) It's Either Norton stopping me or it's Xfinity ISP stopping me from using BitComet. I tried to create a Port Forwarding thru my Xfinity modem. I get IP error when attempting.
  5. I'm a Major, Level 3 Moons & 3 Stars, Score 13512. Started using Bitcomet in 1998. I think I have the oldest yahoo email on earth. Only requires 4 Dot Password lol Ever since, I started using Windows 10. I can't get Bitcomet to work. Something is blocking betcomet in Windows 10. Port Blocked.
  6. How do you fix Port Blocked? I think NORTON antivirus or my ISP is blocking bit-comet from working.
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