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  1. After an additional review I've found this extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/bitcomet-download-extensi/dhigneefebkcagnpnpbibganpmfgebnk/reviews It adds "Doanload with BitComet" but it is not fully usable due to the fact that modern tracker sites gives only a link to a form that will return to you .torrent file. So BitComet receives index.html as a download option, not .torrent file (because it is not autentificated at a tracker site).
  2. Hello everyone! I'm going to switch from uTorrent (old version) to BitComet. uTorrent sucks at very broadband channel and annoying by its ads. So... I use Yandex.Browser that is a clone of Google.Chrome. And there is a question - how to pass torrent downloads from the browser to BitComet client. When I used uTorrent it watched a dir where I download torrent files. But it seems that there is no such ability as watch dir in BitComet. I also checked for Chrome plug-in that is mentioned at some places here but I couldn't find it at all at the marketplace. Installing an extension from the properties - doesn't seems to work. Nothing happened. Dragging and dropping of links from browser doesn't work - a link to a torrent tracker forum is dropped. What shall I do? PS. Course I can download and then manually open torrent file in BitComet but this doesn't look as a good solution.
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