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  1. lol , i was so sure i would wake up the next day and see a mac tech support guy and he be like .. " dude i know u got this mac like a week ago. u obviusly dont know what ur doing and need the tips ,, so if id want to uninstall it, id do: 1 .... 2.... 3... and hey sorrry but we dont get much mac guys here .. and sorry the app didnt apeal to you . instead u gang up on me trying to pick a fight cuz i kinda scrached ur ego XD . u guys suck ,,,, god bless youtube !
  2. yes they do give you a detailed step by step to remove their app off your mac ,but you wouldn't know that cuz ur too busy being like "ooh look at me pc wonder boy ".and dismiss other peoples claims .. I would send you screen shots because i used them before . but ill send you this link of a guy explaining it , so you can get off your high chair and start helping people . so is there anyone who actually knows what they talking about and actually willing to help ? i know i sound annoying .. so this is the last time i'm posting here ,, either i get real help , or screw this i'm out ...
  3. the publisher must have offer a lagit way to remove their aplication off the system , this is a mac version in the end . all publishers usually have a detailed step by step procedure which if done correctly removes all the data installed on the hard drive. ok i get that you want to help , but you didnt help me yo .. and its like the simplest question ever ,, " how is bitcomet uninstalled on mac os ? " if u guys dont have the answer, then thats an even bigger problem . installing another app to uninstall another app just dont make sense , we dont need a third party app to do these things the developer has us covered ... so , help ?
  4. i need to uninstall this app and i cant find a way ... you people should be clear about these things ,,, why should i need to go through all these forms,, and ask questions begging you guys to remove your software off my pc .... i cant find an uninstall on the top dock where it should be .. cant find it in the app file .. i ran the installer again hoping an uninstall button would apear like any other app . but noo .. you guys want this stuck on my pc for life right !?,. please help me fix this guys . i run mac os mojave . when i downloaded this it didnt work . something about ports and firewalls and such . so i switched to bittorent web and it works fine ... just so you guys know why im deleting it in the first place .
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