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  1. No. You misunderstood the case. It is not the uploading. It is torrent exchange -> torrent collection and torrent share, I had more than 310000 items in torrent share and torrent collection. It became hang every 10 seconds. I clear everything in torrent share and torrent collection, and the problem is gone. I think there was some problem in the torrent share and torrent collection. You may change it to background threading so that it does not block the UI.
  2. Unfortunetely it hang again after several minutes. Closed it and restart. Version 1.63
  3. 310,000 torrent files . Upload speed - not the case. swap file - not the case anti-virus - Not sure. Seemed not the case. Installed Tecent computer management software. but closed Tecent computer management software when I ran Bitcomet. Disk space - Not the case. There is enough disk space. I tried to restart Bitcomet and seemed to be better. It did not hang for about 10 minutes. Will see how long it lasts.
  4. bitcomet UI hangs frequently(about 10 seconds). I do not clear the torrent collection so that I can search for something other shared. so I have about 310k torrent in torrent collection and torrent share. Is it the root cause of hang?
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