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  1. 3 hours ago, Rhubarb said:

    Try disabling the DHCP in the router and also try lower ports (in the 15,000 range). You could also try turning on UPNP and maybe with the DMZ disabled. Any or all of a combination of those.

    by the way, necro-posting (adding a 'me too' to a long dead thread) is never a good idea. We don't charge for new threads

    have changed all possible settings, appreciate any other thoughts

  2. hi, can you please help with ports

    have tried i believe everything

    staitc ip is set for both router and pc,

    port forwarding/virtual server to 44444 port,

    dmz on,  

    upnp off

    win 10 firewall disabled

    44444 is still blocked

    provider->router->my pc's, no any other devices such as modems or similar

    d-link dir-882

    attached few screenshots

    please help



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