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  1. Please provide a tool to backup the setting and torrent task list. So user can easily move their settings and task list from an old computer to a new computer.
  2. There are already 21 trackers included in the magnet link already. So the file (hash code) is no longer in those 21 trackers?
  3. 加拿大味玩到盡.txt I tried to add the following magnet file to bitComet v1.7.1and it keep staying at the waiting for torrent metadata downloading stage forever (at least for hours) Will it be the case that the file is too old (more than 10 years) that the meta data is removed?
  4. I copied some magnet link to BitComet to download. BitComet seems to be able to find some Long term seed for the magnet I copied and downloaded some data. But after I restart the computer. The download data (about 1.x%) drop back to 0.1% I cannot keep my computer on all the time until I download the whole torrent. As I turn off the computer at night. BitComet version 1.71 (64 bit) I attached the screenshot of BitComet before and after of restarting the PC. And a sample magnet file in .txt format. 中國通史 EP37.txt
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