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  1. How can I change the Bitcomet 1.72 settings so that the same messages appear if there are already existing files and folders? Let me explain with an example. Let's say there is a series of 12 episodes. Every day, 2 episodes are added to the distribution. Previously, you could download a torrent file and rehash the downloaded files. After that, only the added series were downloaded. Now a new folder is created and all files are downloaded again. As a result, Bitcomet will create 6 folders. 1) 1-2 series 2)1-4 series 3)1-6 series 4)1-8 series 5)1-10 series 6)1-12 se
  2. Adding images Bitcomet 1.71. How can I make the same messages appear in Bitcomet 1.72, if a folder with the same name already exists?
  3. I must have phrased my question badly. In the new (1.72) version of Bitcomet, it is not possible to reconnect to the distribution. Consider the case. There is a TV series. New episodes are added every day. In version 1.71, you could re-download the torrent file and re-hash the task. After that, only new episodes were downloaded. This cannot be done in version 1.72. A new folder is created and all series are downloaded to it again.
  4. Version 1.72 introduces a new feature GUI Improve: add a suffix to default saving file/folder name automatically for BitTorrent task if a file/folder has the same name exists How can I change this function in the settings? To work as in previous versions.
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