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  1. Maybe developers will be able to implement the new feature? Something like how it might look.
  2. I just didn't create a new topic, but used the search as best I could. Was there an answer to his question? I haven't found a solution to my problem anywhere. Point to the correct branch.
  3. I have the same question. I have over 2000 active updownloads task And now there is one task that is sometimes updated on the forum (new video tutorials on blender are added), sometimes files are added there to the same ID on the forum, and the torrent file is updated + its hash, and it must be downloaded again. You download a new .torrent file - the hash of old files will be updated, and new video lessons will be downloaded additionally, and profit. If this is not done, the old hash is no longer on the tracker and the response arrives is an "unregistered torrent". The task status is W
  4. Please add the ability to rename files in the task. Change to something else. Please add the ability to sort the path history.
  5. + utorrent web normal download + bitlord normal download if all files was downloaded other client, BitComet check hash 100% without error
  6. Windows 7 / 8 / 10 https://www.qbittorrent.org/download.php
  7. but qbittorrent normal download all files.
  8. Max file path 260 char ? If more, error download. other client normal download magnet:?xt=urn:btih:c5822c1bf3d083c693e8caf75da98aed47fc22d1&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fbt02.nnm-club.cc%3A2710%2F0020aeb708b69bae425abd42fe506843%2Fannounce&tr=http%3A%2F%2F%5B2001%3A470%3A25%3A482%3A%3A2%5D%3A2710%2F0020aeb708b69bae425abd42fe506843%2Fannounce
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