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  1. Welp very muchas gracias man sorry If I wasn't drag,have a nice day.
  2. I had someones that were at 50percent do I have to download them from zero or they will mantain the progress?
  3. I think I don't have other option than do this,can I do somethint to prevent this happens again? The .bak files don't seem very much efficient so I don't know what can I do honestly.
  4. Ok,what now? I did delete the old .xlm file and renamed the .xlm.bak to .xlm only but the files still are dissappeared .(Pls don't mind that I respond you after almost half year but I didn't see the notification of resoponse in my email xD)
  5. Hello how are ya? Honestly I'm not quite good I opened my comet today and It said that there was an error when loading the tasks and I had to do something with a .bxt file I think but the problem is that I don¡t know where to find that file and what should next I do when I find it. My tasks are deleated but in the 'history' folder they still there. Help me pls.
  6. Hello,today I opened bitcomet and It says there was an error and it can't load my files , I tried to type that adress on the files explorer and nothing,there's something I can do or I only have the option of download all from torrent story?
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