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  1. Well it 's hard to say the problem is came from BC, but when i turn off BC, the packet loss is disappear 😄
  2. sorry youtube delete my video , here is every i capture on my screen , include ping result ,pls take a look at this
  3. i use ping every time I use my PC , so packet is send & receive frequently , but can you suggest me to check something with BC because every time I open BC, packet loss happen immediately pls see my video
  4. hi , red lines is time when packet loss happen, it happen every 30 mins, i can not give you a ping result, i capture it with pingplotter ( ping monitor program ) Just set IP to fixd value but it still have packet loss , when i turn off BC, packet loss is disappear after some minutes , i thing BC trigger something Here is my video for easily imagine 😄
  5. Hi every body, i m facing a serious situation about 1 month ago When i open bitcomet , download or do nothing , my internet has packet loss every 30 minutes , 5 minutes each time Does every body face the problem like me, i just discovered the root cause by bitcomet yesterday, turn it off then every thing is OK I have a cable connect to my modem and of couse , and i don t know why it happen , i never see ping from PC to modem have packet loss Here is my ping monitor from my PC to, my bitcomet version is 1.74 Please help me to solve this p
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