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  1. Default settings is set to 1000 magnet files, idk what really is causing this. When i launch bitcomet it takes like 3-5 seconds to boot up, it was never like that on the older version. Using this version, i updated it directly from the client.
  2. This is with DHT enabled. I have to wait around 5 minutes until all sessions are gone, have no idea what is causing it. This Everytime i start bitcomet with DHT enabled, it has lot of sessions. And yes, I removed all entries in torrent exchange and also history. That didn't fix it. ( The only thing that fixes it is to disable DHT and when U launch bitcomet it has 0 sessions )
  3. When DHT is enabled it downloads thousand of magnets, maybe that's the problem I'm not sure. But I'm gonna keep it off until it gets fixed.
  4. It's definitely problem with DHT, since i updated from 1.64 to 1.74. ( Never had this problem before, on the older version ) Whenever u start up bitcomet it get's bombarded with thousands of connections and this gets fixed once u disable DHT in options. Hope you can fix this issue in 1.75
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