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  1. I was hoping other members here would have this, I am looking for the free updates for FEAR, I just bought this game and installed it, now everytime I start to play I get a popup asking if I want to download the updates, I believe there is an update from 100 to 108, I said yes to the popup and it sent me too a site that is not maintained anymore, so I cannot get the updates here, I have been to several torrent sites that list these updates but no seeders at all, I tried to dl for 2 weeks but cannot get them, the one file I did find and dled was the wrong version for me, it was a UK version, not compatible with my game when I tried to install it. Does anyone have these updates or can anyone point me to where I can get them. I know this game is old but I like playing it. I have looked everywhere I can think of for this update, cannot find it anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Thanks TUUS and Greywizard, I forgot all about the fact that the router could be at fault. I ran into this problem before with a Dlink DI-524 802.11g router. Seems wireless G is not very good after all for large packets. But this isn't my setup so I can't do anything about the firmware, I am allowed to use it but can't mess with the settings. I wasn't even supposed to mess with opening the port 23271 but did anyway. I now use a Dlink DIR-615 N router in my own setup but can't afford my own internet connection so I am stuck the way it is. Thanks for all your knowledge and help. I am aware of the speed differences as you noted, I just included it as informational purposes. "The speed you see in the system tray for your connection is the speed of the wireless connection between your PC and your router and it has nothing to do with what line speed your ISP provides you, which is usually well below that. Your very test speeds confirm that; 5.45 Mbps is only the 10th part of 54 MBps."
  3. 1) Currently using 1.29, was using 1.30 2) Comcast cable 4) Standard Comcast modem, not sure what brand they use and I don't have access to it, Linksys WRT54G router (again no access) with a Netgear WNA3100 wireless adapter. 5) XP Pro sp3 with windows firewall and free Avira A/V 6) http://www.speedtest.net/result/1630191424.png 7) DL 5.45 mb/s, UL 5.52 mb/s, .49 ms ping 8) Port 23271 is open on the router and in BC options for BC and Emule, I set them myself. When I first start up BitComet (BC) I get real good DL speeds, pics 01 and 02. However, after a few minutes of this everything drops to nothing, absolutely nothing even though the seeders remain high, I get zero DL numbers. When this happens the little internet icon in my task bar also goes to yellow instead of green and my wireless icon states that I am getting 2.0Mbps instead of the usual 54.0Mbps. I guess what I am wondering is, Comcast must be throttling off my internet connection when BitComet is running, but how would they know this? After I get zero DLing and shut BC off, a few minutes later my internet gets back up to full speed again and I can restart BC and get full speeds again, but again only for a limited time. Isn't 1147kBs=1.147mbps, that is not a whole lot is it? Why would Comcast throttle that back or are they detecting p2p sharing? I don't know what to make of this but it is very aggravating. I don't think it is a bad setting in BC, just wondering what you guys might think of this. I don't know what else I can add to clarify anything.
  4. OK, I guess I will install something different until BC supports FF 8, thanks for the reply.
  5. I am not trying to jump in anyone's post but this is related to the topic. I am using Bitcomet ver. 1.30 and Firefox 8 in Win XP Pro sp3. Firefox plugins page tells me that BitcometAgent is installed and the extensions page states Bitcomet Video Downloader is installed. I can see the Bitcomet icon under Tools in Firefox and but when I hover on it, I can see the 3 options, capture video, capture audio and capture flash, however, blacked out, the words "No media file detected" and "clear all". I tried a few different sites and all are the same. I even deactivated Adblock but no results. Would a reinstall of Bitcomet help or is there something else I can try. What is weird is that I have used it before, I just reinstalled the OS and everything yesterday when my new HDD arrived like planned. The only difference I can think of is that I was using ver. 1.29 before the reinstall. Also, Firefox states that this addon is ok. I know that there are other downloaders that will do this but I was hoping Bitcomet would do it for me.
  6. [quote name='rpwicked' as long as your download is 100% and you have an orange up arrow, You don't even have to be 100% dl'ed to be able to upload or share, but if you see that upwards red arrow when dl'ing, then you are sharing. I guess I quoted wrong, sorry.
  7. Concerning what Jtawg is asking about, what is the difference between "ratio is above 1.0" and "share ratio equal to or higher than 200%" the default in Bitcomet. I try to let mine go until that 200% mark, but often times there is no one uploading certain files, what should I do then? I try to keep Bitcomet fairly clean so I can find what I want easier.
  8. I don't bother to scan each dl either, if something is wrong with the file my av will detect it then when I open it for use.
  9. How many people need to be told to "read this first", duh, I have seen it several times today reading through all the advice and problems.
  10. You can use acohol 52% also, (its the free version) Daemon tools also has a good set of virtual drives too.
  11. Just thought it might be interesting for you to know, last night I used mozilla's new seamonkey browser suite and had no problems loading the downloads to bitcomet. Firefox might not work but seamonkey does. I tried it because I cannot stand IE.
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