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  1. I think it appeared after enabling expert mode, also there's "Optimize system heap", looks like something useful🤔
  2. It frees memory, would like to know how, what exactly is being reduced? Thanks 🙂
  3. "Also later there could be some option to choose to LT-Seed only files more than $this size, to reduce load." Forgot to add that there could be additional options to LT-Seed only $this type of files, also BitComet could send only one additional chosen file hash of request to tracker (popular file in the time of starting a task, like the most leeched/seeded for example), not all of them, since peers can ask and fetch for other files if seed has it. Also BitComet users could change LT-Seed custom check option in files tab for desired files.
  4. Probably same thing happened with my settings, fortunately I didn't have any tasks, just wanted to check and maybe switch to BitComet. I got accidentally filled all my disk space where BitComet folder was located, didn't know about it, I changed a setting, and after all my settings were erased. I think BitComet just tried to recreate settings, erasing previous ones, very inconvenient in my opinion, idk maybe it was only for me, because it could try to rewrite older settings, but it couldn't since all small flushed settings disk space got filled with another program, can't say that st
  5. I sent this to official support email a couple of days ago, when forum was not working, thought it would be nice to post here also. =====Propose===== I was going to propose feature request of LT-Seeding with BitTorrent V2 since every file now has its own Merkle hash. That way BitComet would be the first torrent client and push developers to these changes also, so it would be cross-compatible when these changes will be released in other clients. Imagine scenario in public trackers: Someone just updated release, and info_hash completely changed, new torrent swarm completely
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