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  1. They are? Or are you focusing on wrong setting. Please read my previous post carefully. Replace speeds that I wrote there with X, Y, W, Z ... AND FOCUS ON A FACT THAT DOWNLOAD ARE NOT PAUSED. PLEASE. You are focusing on wrong thing!!!!
  2. It should work as follows: if i have it set to 150KB/s for first parameter (total speed) and 10kB/s for slowest task limit. I have 10 concurrent tasks allowed. I have 12 tasks started, 10 of them running: Tasks: running at 10KB/S running at 10KB/S running at 10KB/S running at 10KB/S running at 10KB/S running at 10KB/S running at 10KB/S running at 10KB/S running at 10KB/S running at 0KB/S (because there are no full copies of the file or it is stuck in "connecting" state because there are no peers at all) not running, queued not running, queued not running, queued not running, queued After 5 minutes it should stop task number 10 and start task number 11. It says that in the tooltip.
  3. Can you please IGNORE speed settings? I can set them to whatever values because for that feature they don't matter. IT says in that tooltip that it will stop task if speed of that task is BELOW that speed. It does not stop that task. Ergo: that feature DOES NOT WORK. IT SAYS IT WILL PAUSE that task to make room for another. It says that in the tooltip.
  4. It says in the tooltip that it will pause slowest task. So either this feature does not work or that tooltip message is wrong.
  5. I don't want that setting off. I want it to work as it is described in the tooltop and on that page.
  6. I don't thin we are talking about the same feature. Feature I am talking about has nothing to do with max or min speed of a download.
  7. What do you mean by min and max? Those settings are: In my condition I have 22 tasks that are all stuck at various % of completeness. So download speed of all tasks is way below 150KB/s, mostly around 0 KB/s. I want to cycle through them because I would like to add tasks from time to time so they are picked up from the end of the queue, finished and then those stuck will get pick up again. I don't want to increase the maximum number of concurrent tasks because tasks that I am adding are often popular files that have a lot of peers and seeds and I don't want to use my whole bandwidth.
  8. Hi, Using latests version: 1.78, windows 10 with latests fixes. I have enabled "Auto start task when download rate less than specified rate" and I have it at 150 KB/s for total download speed and 15 KB/s for slowest task. I have 22 active tasks (all downloading). My limit for concurrent tasks is 10. Unfortunately it does no pause any of those 10 active. Tool tip says 5 min but after 10 minutes (or even whole day) the same 10 tasks are downloading. All of those are stuck at 90+ because seeds are not available. Can you please fix that? Do you need any more information from me? Thanks and have a nice day.
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