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  1. Just curious since I need to do this anyway would reinstalling windows 10 64bit possibly fix my issue?
  2. I'm posting 2 screenshots 1 is the non progress of a torrent after about an hour or so running and the other is the ipconfig
  3. Well I was able to install the most recent version with no change to my issue. I also changed the port setting to random port each time it opens and still no change. Any other suggestions?
  4. So I have been using bitcomet for years now without any issues up until about a week or so ago. Now any torrent I attempt to download even tho it says connected to at least 1 seed and multiple peers still sits at 0% for 6 hours or more. I am used to getting episodes/movies/software in minutes. I do use PeerBlock along with it which has never given me issues, however the latest version will not install for some reason so I am using version 1.78. Running windows 10 pro Decent enough hardware unfortunately no access to the router any longer Definitely enough hard drive space Any help much appreciated
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