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  1. ok, so i downloaded a torrent and tried to open the file, but it was unsupported, as it was a .daa file. That's all fine and dandy, as i have powerISO and can convert the file for vieving, but when i try to burn the file to a DVD disc, (with powerISO) it wont play on my DVD player. Is there any way i can change the file type, or maybe configure it so it will play in my dvd player? I dont know, maybe i'm just doing something wrong. Your help is appreciated!
  2. Ok, so i dont know much about computers, so im really sorry to have to ask this, but how do i find that out? (step by step remember!) The size is 1.36GB. This is all the info i could find other than the size. It might help:Torrents\The Phantom Of The Opera,dvdrip,xvid.torrent
  3. I downloaded a torrent and now i cant for the life of me figure out how to burn it! My friend said i have to convert it to DVD or something but i have no clue what the heck she is talking about. Could someone please help? I'm so confused! Also, if possible, I would like to do this without downloading any software. I have nero. If this is not possible, Thats ok, though. PLEASE HELP! PS: since I am new to this, please take me through it as step by step as possible! YOUR HELP IS APPRECIATED! THANK YOU!
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