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  1. I have this same exact problem. I have a linksys router 4 port LAN not wifi. I set the half-open TCP setting to 7 (it was at 10) and it SEEMS to have fixed it, but I haven't used it for very long. What is the half-open TCP connections thing mean? /question HAH! And I swore to never ask a question before consulting almight google & wikipedia! "Half-open connection From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search A half-open connection refers to a TCP connection that is partially open. The TCP protocol has a three state system for opening a connection. First, the originating site (A) sends a SYN packet to the destination (B). A is now half-open, and awaiting a response. B now updates its kernel information to indicate the incoming connection from A, and sends out a request to open a channel back (the SYN/ACK packet). At this point, B is now "half-open" (it has sufficient information to receive packets, but not enough to send packets back). Note that B was put into this state by another machine, outside of B's control. Under normal circumstances (see denial-of-service attack for deliberate failure cases), A will receive the SYN/ACK from B, update its tables (which now have enough information for A to both send and receive), and send a final ACK back to B. Once B receives this final ACK, it also has sufficient information for two-way communication, and the connection is fully open. " I don't know why my connection would fail if I have only 10 of those half open dudes there. This obviously will slow down my download speed as well right? Is there Denial of service attack that is overloading my router? I doubt it. Any ideas?
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