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  1. Two bugs are all fixed in next version. Thanks a lot for reporting this problem.
  2. 【The second bug】has been confirmed and fixed.
  3. Hi shajianrui, unfortunately【The first bug】is not reproduced in my test. My steps: 1. open torrent 2. select only last file to download 3. start download 4. download finish and seeding 5. stop task 6. hash check 7. task progress still 100% If there are any differences with your operation, please let me know. Thanks
  4. Thank you so mush for the bug report. We will test and try to fix it before next version release.
  5. If VPN connected, all BitComet downloading will be anonymously via VPN server. No additional proxy settings are needed.
  6. It can be done by setting Max number of concurrent downloading BitTorrent tasks to 1 in Task page of Option window
  7. If the video player not auto detected, you can specify player's install location in Advance page of Option window.
  8. Long-term seeding is independent of bittorrent seeding. Long-term seeding will work when #2 and #3 are both enabled, while #1 is not necessary.
  9. Most possibly it's downloaded from Long-Term seeds. You can check detail by hover mouse on the Download Size label.
  10. Dear all, The latest version of BitComet has just been released. You're all welcomed to download it from Official Site. Changelog v1.40 2015.09.06 GUI Improved: support Windows 10 GUI Bugfix: Torrent make dialog not displayed when drag-n-drop files to the web-view pane in main window Core Bugfix: when delete download task and its files together, sometimes certain sub-directories are not removed Welcome to bug report and feature suggestion.
  11. Thanks for your report. The #1 issue will be fixed in version 1.40. The #2 anf #3 issue is not easy to fix.
  12. Please send the magnet link to me, using a Private Message. We will do a test. Thanks.
  13. Dear all, The latest version of BitComet has just been released. You're all welcomed to download it from Official Site. Changelog v1.38 2015.03.30 GUI Improved: add open-folder button in download finish pop-up window GUI Improved: display download speed and progress together when floating window re-sized large enough GUI Improved: change the option of auto-stop seeding time from minutes to day-hour-minute GUI Bugfix: fix the floating window display problem when using multiple monitors Core Improve: improve file read/write performance, reduce UI stuck Core Improve: support ReFS disk volume Core Improve: support Chrome browser extension Core Bugfix: the minimize value of network.max_connecting_connections in advanced options changed to 8 Core Bugfix: fix bugs in IE extension
  14. Thanks for your info. We will try to fix the bug in a few days.
  15. The porxy setting bug has been fixed. It's due to a error in fetch the proxy setting of IE as BitComet default proxy setting. Thanks U4 for the report. For the schedule problem, please tell more detail about your operations on BitComet. In my test, the download rate limit and download pause started normally when I set Windows time to the scheduled hour. looking forward to your reply
  16. I have installed Win8, and the issue occured as you described. We will fix this bug in next version. Thanks for your support!
  17. Thanks for reply. I will do more test, hoping to reproduce this bug.
  18. No problem. If the proxy settings can not be saved, other settings in BitComet maybe have this issue also. Please check other settings like download speed limit, default save folder and so on... looking forward to your reply
  19. Thanks for your reply. I think I got the point. After hit Apply button in Option Window, the Option Window will not close in normal situations. It should only be closed after hit OK or Cancel. So in your situation, the Option Window closed immediately after hit Apply, means there were errors in settings and the program didn't handle it correctly. As a result, your proxy IP:port settings are dropped and not saved to BitComet. So the proxy settings are never been taken effect. To confirm my thought, please do the following test to help us fixing the bug: modify some settings and hit Apply, try to find which setting makes the Option Window closed incorrectly. Thanks.
  20. I have tried as you said. 1. after entered the ip:port in proxy setting page, and click apply button, did you close the option window? If the option window remains open, you are not able to right click the IP address. 2. you hit refresh after right click the IP address, is that the "check it again" command in the right-click menu? (I have selected English language in the Tool menu of BitComet) 3. "The entered info is gone when I go back in options / proxy" - is that means the "proxy type" is still Socks5, but the "proxy server" and "proxy port" become empty? I didn't encounter this problem, and the "proxy server" and "proxy port" are still what I filled. 4. If the "proxy server" and "proxy port" become empty after refresh WAN IP, please check is there any other operations on BitComet will lead to the proxy settings missing. For example, open a torrent file, restart BitComet program. 5. Please tell me your Windows version (xp/vista/7?), BitComet language (in tools menu), BitComet install folder ( is it C:\Program Files\BitComet ?) 6. about the bandwidth limit problem, let's discuss it later, after the proxy setting problem. Thanks again.
  21. Hi, U4 In BitComet v1.33 the proxy settings changed from previous versions: BitComet will remember the IP:Port for sock4/4a/5 and IP:Port for HTTP 1.1 proxy separately. While in v1.32 and before, all the socks/http proxy share the same IP:Port settings. I tested the http downloading using sock5 / http proxy / no proxy configurations, and the result is correct. BitComet will connect to download server through specified proxy server. Please tell me your detail operations on BitComet to help me reproduce your encountered problem. Thanks.
  22. Hi Timy, I installed the DEMO version of JAWS, and found it can read the text in BitComet window. But I still don't known what change of BitComet is exactly you want. Please tell me your operations on BitComet to let JAWS read the screen, including the HOT-Key of JAWS you will use. Thanks, hope we can help you.
  23. This problem is usually caused by the corruption of Outlook. You may also find that any .mht file can't be open by IE correctly. Please try the following instructions: [1] Windows Start menu -> run -> regsvr32 inetcomm.dll [2] If last step failed due to missing inetcomm.dll, try to restore it from c:\windows\system32\dllcache\ to c:\windows\system32\ [3] Repeat step[1], if still faild due to “module missing”, try to find msoert2.dll and inetres.dll, copy them to c:\windows\system32\ [4] Repeat step[1], and it should work.
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