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  1. Can you make a general comment regarding saving large files to any non-NTFS locations (such as network drives/shares or other FS)? I have used BitComet for a long time and looks like I need to switch to another torrent program as more and more files are larger than 4GB, and I'm saving to non-NTFS locations that supports large files, but BitComet refuse to use those locations; while other programs work fine.
  2. I posted in another thread, but I have the similar issue with a network drive. I agree with OP that Bitcomet should just try to download large files to any drive that's not FAT or FAT32 instead of checking to make sure the location is NTFS.
  3. Is this fix? I still have the issue with BitComet not able to save to a network drive with the latest version. It's requiring NTFS even though the network drive is NTFS formatted and other torrent programs can write large files to the drive.
  4. Yes, if you don't seed, you won't be able to view the files you downloaded properly. It might be too late already, but what's the extension of that file?
  5. hm, I think I'm still not being clear. I do want something like winamp. This feature is probably relatively easy to add. Let me show a pic of how winamp functions:
  6. I used BitSpirit a little bit. It looks like BitComet, but it has a page that shows all the pieces of a file in different colors. That was cool :mellow:
  7. I tried the option, but doesn't seem to work ...
  8. I want to suggest an option in BitComet to show in the system tray as an icon only please. Right now, BitComet can minimize to an icon, but when I activate BitComet, it will show in the task bar. If you can make it so it always shows in the system tray only, that would be cool.
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