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  1. Aw... for Pete's sake... Yeah, I didn't even notice the typo in my username... duh. But thanks for the reply; who knows how long it would have been before I opened my eyes of my own accord. Guess achieving Marshal status doesn't make one any smarter. And yes, I've probably uploaded 70-80Gb during the "downtime", but who cares? They don't hand out any Stella for being Number 1. Thanks again. Mariner
  2. Did I win yet? Love all you guys... and cats. Mariner
  3. @Rhubarb I thought maybe the server was down again so I've just been waiting for it to be re-booted. But it's been nearly a month so I decided to check here. I see from the lack of a furor over this, maybe I have a problem instead. I've got v1.45 (recently installed) and DHT and Listen Port are open (green). Is there something I can do about this? Thanks, mariner
  4. Did I wait long enough to win?
  5. mariner

    Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to TUS, Cassie, Lucy and all the rest of the CF team! We all appreciate your tireless support. mariner
  6. Still sailing...

  7. Gone to sea again

  8. ashore for now

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