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  1. Hi, thank you for your answers. I was wondering how should I proceed to add trackers and why is it considered as bad manners? Aren't trackers what allows people to find the file on different computers? If I was able to add more people (people using the tracker I added instead of the ones already in the torrent file) trying to download my file, maybe my upload speed would be faster, no? Thank you for your consideration
  2. Alright thank you for your answers 🙂
  3. Hi Rhubarb, So...it's a no, there is no option that I can tweak to have a faster upload speed in BItcomet? For you, is the upload speed often maxed? Do you send files to other torrent users at the speed limit that you setup in the Bitcomet options? If so, is it always the case for all the files you downloaded or are there some that finished uploading faster than others? To your knowledge is there a common factor from those who reached the rate 1/1 ? (meaning when the amount sent is the same as the amount received) I really don't want to delete the file before I've sent as m
  4. Hi Rhubarb, Thank you for your response. From it, can I conclude that there is nothing I can do to "finish" uploading the file I want to delete, sooner? I think I understand how Torrents works. I also think that there should be no reason why with 1000+ downloaders, there is not only one "Joe Bloggs" that doesn't have the capacity to use all my upload speed. I also understand that there are many other seeders than me, but still I'm having trouble understanding why would "Joe" disconnect from my seed(s) if I have the whole file, my upload is not maxed and his file is not complete yet.
  5. Hello, Is there a way for me to upload faster? I want to seed the file to give back to the community but am afraid I can't keep the computer open that long and will have to remove the file from the computer soon. I know that the upload limit is higher than what it is using right now (like 100 times faster) because the same file which is seeded at 10k/s now reached more than 900ko/s at one point. Thanks for your tips/help
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