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  1. I think if you wouldnt try to read into things so hard like you are a great mind or something it would be easy. " really really smart people dont have any common sense" But to answer your question about uploading just goto options then preferences and change your global max upload rate to 1kb . 1kb wont even make a dent in your download bandwidth. but beware if you connect to some trackers with the same ip and dont share, your download will suck or it wont download at all.
  3. Toolbox for what? maybe i can help ;)
  4. the best is camstasia studio you can even make it smaller if you need to'
  5. i thought the 1.3 wa the upload ratio? like you uploaded the file you downloaded 1.3 times or 130%
  6. what happens is that if you upload at your max upload speed you cant download as fast. so when you lowered your upload speed it opened bandwidth for your downlaods to pick up speed. :)
  7. uh if you are reffering to your bc upload limits i wouldnt set both to no limit. if you are uploading alot and use all your upload bandwidth you download bandwidth will really drop.
  8. 1: UPnP is something Windows uses to automatically open and close ports as their being used. leave it on. 2: the ip 192.###.### is assigned by your router. i believe if you enable static nat in your router it will stay the same. 3: the ip 192.###.### is the ip you need to port forward to. 4: you arent using a proxy server unless you set it up to use one. "from the way you asked it, you are not using one." 5: If you are just going to use bt on one pc just set up that pc. i wouldnt suggest tring to run bt on 2 pc's it is a big headache. go here to set up your specific router. http://www.portforward.com/english/routers...GS/BitComet.htm if anyone see's anything wrong in this reply please feel free to correct me
  9. And who was yelling? you mean in the title? man there are some weird responses in this forum. And dark_shroud are you admin or something?
  10. man i wish google would index my site. i even sent them a site map lol
  11. i dont like pg2 cause the chances of you getting caught are very slim. besides that pg2 blocks colleges that have teenagers in them sharing at retarded speeds.
  12. just curious but how is this the wrong place to post a question like that? "TOPIC GENERAL QUESTIONS"
  13. uh hello you can virtual mount with daemon to duh lol more user friendly? how hard is it to right click on daemon icon in tool bar and select mount image? i suggest daemon if you wanna mount and iso buster if you just wanna virtual mount and rip movie from iso. "if its a movie you want. ps i think daemon has better copy emulation. but hey this just my 2 cents http://forums.bitcomet.com/index.php?showtopic=1210
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