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  1. Alright, aside from my speed issue, If I leave my bitcomet on for i think about an hour or 2, it will all of a sudden have an error, and ask to send information to bitcomet@yahoo.com. And it shuts down. Extremely annoying when I leave the house for several hours, or I goto sleep, and its crashed an hour after I've left. My computer speed and stats arent the problem, I know that. I've got a 3.2gighz P4, 512 RAM, and 80 gig HD space. Any ideas would be great. Ryan
  2. Hiya, Alright...so I'm pretty good with computers and technology, but now im stumped. I have myseld as a DMZ on my router (I know it leaves me completely open...but I like to live on the wild side ;-)......plus I have a dlink router which is s*** lol) Anyhow, that rules out my router. XP firewall is offline. I've fixed the SP2 issue of limited connections, changed it to 100. I'm getting a dl rate of about 1-10...no higher. Thats for everything I'm downloading. I've configured everything properly, no idea what the problem is. Any suggestions would be great. Ryan
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