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  1. Workaround comment: The problem is regarding the size of the downloaded files. I had selected only 14 files with a total size of 1.43 GB and I got the same error. Now had deleted some selection and the new size is 896 MB and the files are downloading.
  2. The problem result because this torrent include a lot of files. Workaround: Open the torrent file and select a few files, when finish downloading this files, open again the torrent file and select the next group of files.
  3. Hi Trying to download a very big torrent file, I got this error. this is the offending url: http://www.torrentz.com/torrent_389150.html Huge Collections Cisco Stuff Size 8,302 Mb Uploaders 18 Categories Other Unsorted Downloaders 32 Added 202d 19h ago Hash 777750f8452be614ad3c1057036474febbbbe94c
  4. There is a problem with the BitTorrent link to download the new version. That link point's to the wrong version. http://download.bitcomet.com/achive/BitCom...tup.exe.torrent
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