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  1. download winrar, when you want to extract a file that is winrared just right click and extract.
  2. need a little help, i download windows media player 11 and reg key from torrent followed the instructions to register the key as i dont have an original copy of xp, double clicked on the key but just opend in bloc notes, tried to install wmp, but asked to validate xp and of course it says i dont have an original copy, anyone had the same problem or know how to get round this? thanks
  3. i had a look and yep ive got one for you it is (uv4vir0ro9a) register at http://www.Demonoid.com/register.php?with_invite=1 hope it works new to all these forums and stuff
  4. try this, not really sure what dht is but had a look arond. hope it helps! dHT(Distributed Hash Table) is method of a distributed storage for <key,value> pairs. There is no center server in DHT Network, every client take charge of a small range of routing, a small set of data storage, so that in the whole DHT network, data can be found, read and write. The new version of BitComet can connect to Tracker and DHT network, that means file can be download even if all trackers can not be connected. The protocol of DHT Network in BitComet is compatible with BitTorrent Beta 4.1.2, so that they can share the same network. Please note that the DHT in Azureus is not compatible with BitTorrent Beta and thus also not compatible with BitComet. The DHT algorithm we use is Kademlia ( called KAD in eMule, but the network protocol is different from bittorrent. ) You can find more about DHT network here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distributed_hash_table
  5. had bit comet save in d/ changed it to c/ and its working like a dream, torrents extentions now on desk top and opening from there. cheers once again.
  6. gettin iq error when down loading some films but not all and a red cross, any ideas what can be don e to sole this problem, thanks any help would be appreciated
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