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  1. We've miss you last couple weeks, hope all is well.


  2. I can't say that I'm familiar with that router, however the steps I recommended for the WBR-2310 generally apply to any wireless router. The possible problem, in your case, is that you need that LAN-port to LAN-port connection from the WHR-G54S on the second floor back to the DSL-2540B modem on the first floor. The WHR-G54S probably does not support a "wireless repeater" mode on its own, but if it does, that is another configuration option. If it does not, you may be able to get "alternative" firmware that does support that mode. A good place to ask questions about this is the Buffalo foru
  3. The DSL-2540B is also a router, and the WBR-2310 is an unneeded second router. To uncomplicate things, we will bypass the router part of the WBR-2310 but still let you use its ports and its wireless function. 1. Enter the configuration pages to the WBR-2310 2. Turn off the UPnP function 3. Disable the System Logging functions 4. Turn off the DHCP server function 5. Unplug the cable going into the WAN port of the WBR-2310 and plug it into one of the WBR-2310 LAN ports (so that both devices are now connected via LAN ports). 6. Reboot your systems so that they get appropriate DHCP a
  4. Thanks for all your work

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