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    Let's play...

    false,not yet anyway the next person like's whatching "prison break"
  2. the girl that could leap through time, paprika are good releases, I really like the drama and fantasy... but let's not forget afro samurai a great anime series of 3-4 episodes http://www.alloftv.net/index.php?content=e...&show=669.
  3. very good user

  4. I want to start working on the translating project... what kind of file do you request I should make? .txt, .xml? .doc?
  5. I think you're idea means changing the hole torrent principle, it just can't be applyed in real life if a gig public server like torrent spy for instance would keep a copy of every file they keep in caase of not seeding the download speed would be counted in bytes cas a big server just can't handle such a huge broadband remeber because of torrennts the servers load is load,bradband speed isn't frequently trying the pacience of other lechers/peers(low speed) it guarantees a higher speed. basically you can't just rewrite the torrent system... its good as it is...
  6. I really suggest making the 0,79 a stable release, but there are some minor bug problems for other users...(I really think its about the settings that you make, that what makes it more stable)
  7. I just tryed the RS feed myself for the 0,79 version and all the latest files apeared perfectly into bittcomet... no needing for a new window to be open... i wonder what problem is occuring to you...have you tryed from preferences-appearance-open url inside bittcomet... I think that might work just fine...reply to me if it works...or not...
  8. I just wanted to say I've been ussing bitcomet 079 for 2 weeks and still no problems... I recomend it to all users...
  9. I think the torrent is running quite hard cas of the seeders and secondly you might be a firrewall problem, what version of bitcomet are you ussing?
  10. youre prolem might be whith the hash check might be that the hsh ckeck,you had downloaded a bad torrent and to veryfy that it takes 20 secs for a 300 meg file, and if the hash isn't corect it tells you that you have under 100% and might be that the torrent had very busy seders and coudnt upload to you...
  11. its not a big thing youre connection speed is always a eighth of the real value well if you a 1meg connection you divided by 8 and you get like 110 kilobites... and the answer to ueki kasuke well ive got the same kind of connection like you the sad part is that 47kilobites per second are my average... basically your downloading speed will depend on other computers (seeders,lechers=peers)... [Mod edit] fixed some misinformation
  12. well after you downloaded a file it will never stop because the torrent is (seding=uploading to peers=other computer users that are downloading the same torrent) so after you have downloaded 100% you are free to play the video that you have downloaded...just select the torrent that you have downloaded and press the open dir button on the top meniu(its a big icon whith a folder) if you want to open the file directly...
  13. your welcome here... questions always will be asked in the bittcomet forum, so yours might be helping the developers 2 by asking questions about it, but respect the thread subjects... bitcomet help for questions about bittcomet, and others...
  14. that's because there is another bittcomet site called bittcomet bitcomet passport... it has something to do whith torrents and stuff... and curently has a plce in the client... but curently it is in chinese in testing... till it becomes available in all languages I suggest you wait...
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