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  1. Hi, Can you tel me where can I find codecs. Thank you.
  2. I have the same problem with 0.70. When leeching it seems to work roughly normally, I set the max up slots to 4 and it reaches 8-9 sometimes. But when I seed, this is a disaster, it can reaches 20-21 slots during a good period :o I will try with the latest version of BC and see...
  3. hello cassie ;)

    have you receved my tow pms pls ?

  4. Hi again, You knew that Kaspersky had a "P2P/File Sharing Protection" capabilitie which is verry rare in Anti-virus softwares (BitDefender has it). Maybe that it is the cause, maybe it slows down the DL/UP rates also ?
  5. <As for member "jcgpiqcl", If you know what she needs to know, then why did you not answer her?> +1.
  6. <I dont like how it shows xxx B/s now, I thought it was fine just showing 0 KB/s> Not agreeing with this. Instead of showing 0 KB/s which is not very presentable I think, I suggest that it show: For ex: 124 B/s ---> 0.2 KB/s. Edit: Sorry, not 0.2 kB/s but 0.1 kB/s :P
  7. <Precise calculation of bandwidth is an unnecessary waste of resources> Ok, so how do you can explain that Azureus consumes less than 50 MB of memory while possesses all possible and imaginable precisions, not only in calculations (progression bars, graphs...) ?
  8. Yes. I noticed this fake. I think there are a lack of precision in BitComet calculations. for ex: 1 kB/s instead of 1.9 kB/s...
  9. Hi, Everybody knows (or nearly) that the latest versions of BC have some bugs (no stable releases), so I want to know if it's possible to upgrade directely from BC .70 to the latest versions (now 0.79) and if it's possible to going back to .70 without uninstall the .79 ? Thanks and soory for my english :lol:
  10. Hi, I used BitComet for months now and I never had this kind of problem. When I pushed the Start button to begin the dl, I didn't have anything or nearly (0-1 kB/s in Dl) during 10-15 mn, then I restart the torrent 2 or 3 times but nothing happens :(. I tried with µTorrent and worked fine. Torrent infos: - Seeders= 0, Leechers~ 600 - 1 Public tracker. If you need more infos, I am here... Thanks. *Edit: I used BitComet 0.70 and the torrent's tracker is public or semi-public, I don't realy know, But it's certainly not a private tracker.
  11. Hi all, I have an 128 kb/s connection with an Up speed that has never pass 160 kb/s and if that arrives, it will be for 1-2 sec max. Look at this: Edit: In addition, my up speed was limited to 11 kB/s. And I have stopped/restart this torrent 3 or 4 times, so this screenshot is of the last restart when I was seeding.
  12. re souad labass ? :P Ben c'est facile! Quand tu ouvre ton BitComet, tu vas dans 'Options' ( en haut à gauche) et ensuite 'Language' et là tu choisies 'French' et le tour est joué ;) Oui voila, dit moi tu attent d'avoir 200% ou quoi :lol: :P un autre moyen de le savoir c'est de voir dans la colonne 'Statut' et là tu devrais trouver 'Envoi' et devant le nom de ton fichier, une fleche orange dirigée vers le haut au lieu de la fleche verte dirigée vers le bas, ce qui veut dire que tu est en mode Seed (Partage). Là j'avoue que j'y connais pas grand chose dsl (essaye avec Google).
  13. Just one thing; -I forgot to tell you that my max Dl speed is 128 kb/s also (verry slow I know). That can have an relation with what I want to configure or nothing ? -My connection bandwidth (Dl/Up) slows down in some moments of the day (it's to the max during the night), so I can set my max Up speed in BitComet less than 80% ? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi cassie, So I have to stay all time near my PC :o :lol: :P In my case, I prefer to finish the Dl (100%) in the 2 Tasks first, then to begin the Up and honor my ratio in the 2 tasks also. So like that I can obtain my Dl files as soon as possible (Since I have a 128/128 connection only). But what is strange, it's that BitComet doesn't appear to consider the torrents that UP only as a Task. If it was the case, it should also give the priority to Dl/Up Tasks on Up only Tasks...
  15. Because my connection bandwidth is very limited, I must have only 1 torrent activated in the same time. This is what I have configured in BitComet options, but the problem is that when I launch for ex. 2 torrents, the first torrent (tr1) begin the DL/UP and the second torrent (tr2) is waiting (it's normal), but when tr1 reaches 100%, it continues to UP although tr2 already began. :mellow: My question: It's possible to have only 1 active torrent in the same time ?
  16. I didn't know that Firefox consumed as much memory :o Now I understand. Thanks for your replies ;)
  17. Well, I checked and I found that the three biggest consumers of memory are: 1- firefox.exe: 70 MB. 2- BitComet.exe: 40 MB. 3- explorer.exe: 10 MB.
  18. Hi, I have P4 with memory of 256 MB of SDRAM and I noticed that BitComet consumes nearly all my system memory, so my PC slows down :( But I don't understand why the Min free phys. memory is not respected (50 MB) ? and what is the relation between the consomation of disc cache (which is 6MB in this case) and the Phys. memory (which is distinctly more than 6MB) ? When I do this test, I only used BitComet, Firefox and MSN messanger (chat only). ScreenShot:
  19. Faut deja que tu installes WinRAR (fait une recherche sur Google) pour pouvoir le decompresser...
  20. You are right. The box "min. in system tray" was unchecked when I had this problem. When I checked it, I did not have this problem anymore, but now I will have to accustom me to this change which does not arrange me at all ! :angry: :D :lol: :P Thanks for your answers.
  21. Use the latest STABLE version of BitComet (0.70) ;)
  22. salut souad, wach raki :b ;) Désolé mais je ne comprend pas se que tu veut dire, tu savais qu'on pouvais avoir les textes en francais sur BitComet ? et aussi à la fin de quoi ? Dit moi souad, tu devrais trouver le "%" de ton telechargement entre la partie "Taille" et "Ko/s Reception", si tu ne le vois pas c'est peut-etre par ce-que tu la cacher involontairement. Essaye de la faire reapparaitre en pointant avec la sourie entre les 2 precedantes parties que j'ai citer ("Taille" et "Ko/s Reception") et cela juste sous la bare d'outils en haut, et là tu laisse la bouton gauche de la sourie enfoncé et tu decale un peut vers la droite... a+
  23. Here is what I obtain after having interrupted the Screen Saver : ps: Then it recovers its normal appearence (in the taskbar only) when I clik on the try icon or on "restore" in the taskbar.
  24. This problem seem to happen more often witn BitComet than the other P2P clients :( I will try to add a screenshot later...
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