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  1. Hi BitComet community. I love, love BC! Anyhow I have come with a problem... [Question] Is there a way to select a bunch of tasks and change their save location? When I select 2+ tasks and go to Properties, it will bring Statistical Information instead of the Task Properties so that I can change the location. First off let me explain that I'm the type of person who likes to have one save folder for a while so a lot of my tasks will go there unless I need it to be somewhere specific. I have multiple HDDs and I will move things around to balance the amount of space on each drive. BitComet 1.30 [Problem] One of the drives fails, but I manage to rescue my download data and I move the majority of it into a secondary save directory on a working drive. I no longer use that failed drive letter, and now my task list is littered with the "Stopped [Warning: Downloaded file missing.]" yellow "!" error messages in the infobubble space for all the tasks that are associated with that failed drive. It also means that I cannot access the file via the Detailed Info Pane>File or the Play button for those that use that feature unless I correct it. [Current Fix] Currently, to correct this I have to go through each task and do the whole Properties->change Save Destination thing and Manually Hash Check it one by one. It works well, but unfortunately there must be hundreds--no, thousands maybe--of tasks with this error. I've actually had this misfortune for a while now but I've only now taken it upon myself to try to correct. [Edit] I tried to Google my situation but I could not find a solution, or maybe I didn't use the correct terms. I hope I made everything clear! [/Edit] I appreciate any help at all! Thanks.
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