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  1. dark shroud is very helpfull xD

  2. i know what you tryed... but thats not what i ment anyway haha i figured out... I wanna open the RSS>>Torrantattack>>Anime(doubled clicked) that one u cannot use right click open window... Solution is click and press favourite again and it would be shown a list :D
  3. Naw version 0.79 is nothing wrong with the torrent speed anymore ^.^ try to follow the steps? or you may search for 0.70ver download ^.^
  4. If its not a bug lols delete my post Admin! In version 0.79 is quite good from 0.71 till then but is this a bug? At favourite when clicked at the (Rss-feed) but when double clicked the subtitles no internet explorer pop up or something it jsut had no reaction :unsure: soso if best reply here haha
  5. Cool haha i watching the anime now... the rubbish guy one ur name ueki kosuke...(offtopic chat)xD Lols try this go to internet option (delete cookie) (delete files) (clear history) and if you have a norton protected recycle bin (right click and empty norton protected files), if you don't have the norton thing jsut (empty your recycle) and (run diskclean up at your system tools which is on start>>programme>>accessories>>System tools>>diskcleanup) and final restart computer... If its still slow its not your computer fault. Its the torrent ^.^(have a nice day)
  6. Well its normal... The internet is transfered to bitcomet for downloading speed so your internet brouser will be affected like some images cannot load or ETc... Wells its hard to explain but if you usually use the download manager you will know what i am talking ^.^ If you can when you are sleeping leave the computer on downloading and torrent item at night because you not using internet so it won't borther you. Many of them also downloading when sleeping or when working...
  7. Thank you for your answer I think 0.70 is still the best...
  8. 1) How come bitcomet offical stable release stop? 2) Version 0.70 is the last stable release? 3) is next time more stable version will be released? :( And the new versions will have error when downloading anime... When i downloading it have and error message and ask me to report after reporting it auto closed programme...
  9. Hummm..... i used bitcomet for abut 1 to 2 years liaoz but i heaven't actually touched the fourm haha I am from SG and i love japan anime. Japan's anime are the best anime in the world. They produce lots of anime in 1 year. I loved bleach but now its quite hard to find but i still found it hiding somewhere :P thats all abut me
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