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  1. lyner, I am experiencing the same thing for a few days. At first i though it was my computer problem but then i think maybe tmnet is throlling down bt speed :(
  2. Soraiya & Dark_Shroud Should i wait for the bitcomet V0.71 or download the beta version if the error persist? I followed the instruction to increase the virtual memory. Hope it works. Thanks a lot for looking into the matter.
  3. I have been running bit comet V0.70 for a few week & it has never encounter this problem. Bitcomet gives me this pop up [Out of memory.] a few days ago. After clicking ok it will pop up again after a few second & i have to close bitcomet & run it again & get the same pop up messsage. I checked my hard disk space & it has 5GB left & the memory has 653mb left (i have a 2x512mb ram). So please tell me if you have any idea whats going wrong & how to fix it. Thanks
  4. After running bitcomet for a few minutes it will pop up with the description [out of memory]. However when i check the memory, there are still 653mb left. I tryed clicking ok for a few times. However it still poping. Can anyone please help me to stop the pop up. Thanks.
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