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  1. Hi! The protocol is proprietary to BitComet, a closed source program, and it's interface hides ltseed IP addresses, meaning it would be improper for any third party to track you with it, more dangerously so without the BitComet's developers giving their permission. You and every other soul on earth has to agree to something when installing this software, free as it is :) . But if this is a concern to you, you can disable it in the proprieties page or the main options window. The advantage of using it is a boost in download speeds when ltseeds are found.
  2. Salut! Trebuie sa ai minim 40000 de puncte la scorul tau cu BitComet pentru a beneficia de perioada de proba gratis. Hi! You must have 40000 BitComet points to be able to enable the free trial feature.
  3. Salut! Scuze de intarziere, am fost foarte ocupat cu seviciul... Ce ai tu e un stick wireless de la RDS. Toate conexiunile ce vin spre tine sunt blocate de RDS, pentru a nu supraincarca reteaua celulara. Nu ai cum sa deschizi portul. Nu exista internet prin modem stick cu porturile deschise la ora actuala, pur si simplu le impiedica tehnologia profitul. Hi! Sorry for the delayed response, I've been very busy at work... What you have is a wireless stick modem from RDS. All incoming connections are being blocked by them to prevent an overload on the cell network. You can't open your port. There are no unblocked internet connections via a stick modem to this date, it's simply that the technology is impairing their profits.
  4. The vip free trial limit is as low as it can get. I'm above 100,000 points and I'm not even in the top 20000. All servers have a limit.
  5. If you're talking about the left favorites panel, you can edit that yourself. The configuration file is in xml format, located in %appdata%\BitComet\Fav. You speak English so the file you use is named fav_en_us.xml. I recommend Notepad++. Change the lines where you see TPB as follows : Favorites panel link: <torrents type="url" value="https://tpb.pirateparty.org.uk/browse/" display="ThePirateBay" infotip="" /> Search tool: <TorrentRoom title="ThePirateBay" link="https://tpb.pirateparty.org.uk" html="https://tpb.pirateparty.org.uk/search/${QUERY}" />
  6. May we see a screenshot of that "permission asking window"? And this goes without saying...
  7. I believe you'll find this post most informative, not helpful but informative.
  8. The torrent creator and initial seeder probably doesn't even know it's leaked on a public index site. It's the tracker's users that seek to benefit from this.They add public tracker announces to it, probably remove the private tracker's announce to cover their tracks and upload it on a public torrent index site... If you see a new private torrent on a public site that has a private tracker announce with a passkey in it you could let the admins of that tracker know. The simplicity of this exploit makes it a serious problem.
  9. This behavior is not a bug, it's intended to work this way. Private torrents should only be made for private trackers which only need one announce URL to work. Otherwise the uploaded amount stats the client sends to the private tracker would be a sum of the stats meant for each tracker you add, which is considered cheating and you'd get banned on that tracker. We have notified other client developers about this exploit but they chose to ignore it.
  10. Perhaps your brother's client managed to open the port via UPnP(universal plug and play) but this protocol is highly unreliable and you should use static port forwarding instead. You need to create a port forwarding rule in the router for each pc.Read it's manual on how it's done. By skimming through it myself I see that you have to access it's web interface with your browser (address: log-in with the default username admin and password password(page 20) and go to Advanced > Port Forwarding (page 47). Make sure you spell the LAN IP addresses of both computers right in both rules and that you allow both TCP and UDP traffic on the listening ports.
  11. Are you talking about the pop-up tips? They can be disabled in Options>Service
  12. A workaround (tested to work by me) is to make the torrents with different piece sizes and so the hashes will be different and the client will recognize them as two different torrents. Although this will not be possible if the torrents are already made by others with the same piece size. And if you're asking if a seeder from a torrent will help those from the other torrent, it's theoretically possible by LTSeeding (BitComet proprietary protocol) but only on public torrents. LTSeeding is done file by file, no matter where it comes from, as long as both are public torrents and the peers use BitComet with LTSeeding enabled.
  13. Previewing is possible only when you have the first section and last section of the video file, look at the piece map and see which pieces you have. And not all players support incomplete files. I suggest you use either MPCStar or VLC.
  14. Go to tools->Addons->Extensions and disable them one by one restaring cometbird every time. I'd start with the latest extensions installed by you.
  15. You can add it by right clicking a toolbar and selecting Customize. But it seems to be bugged as it's always disabled for me(gray). I use the Tab mix plus add-on for this and other great functions.
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