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  1. Frequently I run bitcomet for seeding. And generally it runs 1 1/2 hıurs or two. But every time I am seeding more then 1 gb.. I observed last time (05/03/2017) that my seed not justified by the increase of my score My upload is about 1.20GB and my score was before 44965 and when I checked my score now I saw the new score is 44997 It makes 35 points and that equals 770MB Before when I was seeding more then 1GB (eg 1.20-1.30 GB) my score were increasing 100 + pts (depending of connection time). What's the bug ?
  2. From Turkey same problem. Can't sign in CometId since 3 days? I was thinking because of my account change, but everywhere I see there is same problem.
  3. I use Bitcomet as shown in the picture. At the begining I was seeding 4 torrents then before finishing my seeding I left one seed. 2 minutes after, my seeding speed on the upper right corner (I think it must be general upload) is still greater then the file seeding in it's line. What can be the reason ? Leechers ? Or and unknown connection ? http://turcguide.com/genel/picture.jpg
  4. Since 2015-12-13 everything was working well. (DHT ok, WAN is green, and connected to cometID) Everyday I was seeding 1.3.- 2gb for having 100+ points But when I started 2015-12-15 BitComet 64 bit (20150629) working on Win 10 I could not get my score from server. Since 2015-12-14 the only thing which is changed on my computer I cleaned all in my %temp% folder. Is there a problem with the server or something else with %temp% folder written by Bitcomet ?
  5. Using BitCometBeta(64-bit) [20150629] When I start my VPN, WAN turns green. My VPN IP is detected. But the comet users download slowdowns dramatically
  6. Try to restore your windows before the date successfull download. You surely did some changes but you don't remember.
  7. Thank you for all knowledge. It was only a mistake MB and Mb. My upload is 20KB/S while my download is unlimited (1Mb/s->~125KB/s) Thank for this advise. It's already checked but however I did not pay attention till I read your post what it's doing exactly this checking. Thanks again. And finally my upload and download was always in the proportions that you said. 20KB/S upload and unlimited download(however it makes 125 KB/S) And my other connections(web,outlook, MSN connection) are still slow then bittorent or utorrent. I think this will be recovered in next versions. In resume: As I downloaded many files with bitcomet I continue seeding as In can't transfer them. Because I believe sharing is the base of this systeme
  8. Thank you very much and enlightening me about not to jump to the conclusion. As I told I use Bitcomet 1.1.13 I configured a port and green WAN is appering event I restart ny modem who changes IP. Because I change everytime the port with the new IP (It's a Cisco Linksys WAG54GP2 router modem and the IPs begin from But When I use Bitcomet and open a http page or outlook or another operation such as starting MSN I got some problems of connection and connection slows down dramatically. But with Bittorent 4.4.1 or utorrent 1.8.3 the same connections are not affected it goes very well. In fact except this I was very glad using bitcomet which ise very complete for such P2P connections. If there is a way for adjusting this I'll be happy to use Bitcomet as I was using before. The configuration: I have the router modem WAG54GP2 Linksys, a memory 2GB kingston 800DDR2 SDRAM, Gigabyte mainboard, AMD Athlon 64 X2 2600 FSB (no Overclock) I have configured a port in windows firewall for TCP and UDP and in the router modem too. My bandwidth, because of the distance form the source, is 1MBS/256kbs If there will be an advise for keeping speed of my connection for other connections (such as WEB, outlook) while I was uploading/downloading files, in the same speed of bittorrent or utorrent, I'll keep to use Bitcomet cause I like it. PS:In my 1st post I did not ask any help for utorrent or bittorrent I asked if there is a compatibility between those torrents.
  9. I began to leech with Bitcomet 1.13 but as it comsumes all the ports I continued with utorrent 1.8.3 but my son in my absence installed bittorrent, legend edition as he tells 4.4.1, now I want to continue with utorrent 1.8.3. As I downloded some movies with bitcomet and bittorent I want to seed those files How should I cumulate all torrents under utorrent 1.8.3 ? Because Bittorrent 4.4.1 does not recognize some torrents build with utorrent 1.8.3 or with bitcomet 1.13 Can someone help me pls ?
  10. Hi everyone I did my registration for not beeing only a leecher
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