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  1. LT seeds are not guaranteed, they depend on the specific torrent you're downloading (if it has other LT seeding peers). For the blocked port part you should check the Wiki FAQ. There's also a Read First Before Posting topic that you totally missed.
  2. Just to add to what TUUS said, the functionality of the # column in uTorrent is to establish the download order. In Bitcomet that is the order in which the tasks are listed when no sorting function is applied.
  3. Actually leading a peaceful life is quite a very valid choice to consider... Or if you still feel like navigating the turmoils of this world you could try following the guide described in the Wiki FAQ: I have a yellow status light, and my download speeds are slow. What should I do?
  4. The fact is, lowercase has been invented because it's so damn tiring to read all caps. I couldn't pass beyond the 5th or 6th word in your whole post, that's how fast I gave up. If you love being the only one who reads your posts, by all means keep tying in caps... it's your right. Just don't expect much feedback.
  5. Anyhow, to anybody else who feels the need to cry their hearts out about this issue, you should know that topics like the ones below were created specifically for this reason in the Wiki FAQ: All my other Internet applications either slow down or say they can't connect when I use BitComet. What's going on and how can I fix this? When BitComet is running my router/modem reboots itself or freezes. Why is this happening and what can I do to fix this?
  6. Or you could start browsing the Wiki FAQ, such as: http://wiki.bitcomet.com/bitcomet_client_issues_and_possible_solutions#i_have_a_yellow_status_light_and_my_download_speeds_are_slow_what_should_i_do
  7. From what I've seen so far in Bitcomet, re-adding the same torrent from a different site always merged the lists of trackers on my PC. If it doesn't do that in your case, that's strange. It's true that I've tested this a couple of versions back and not on the latest ones, but I'm assuming the feature should still be there.
  8. Since you've already read countless guides, one more won't hurt you much then: http://wiki.bitcomet.com/add_port_mapping_in_nat_router
  9. Actually, I'm afraid it's rather Windows' implementation of SMB that sucks. I used to get that kind of error as well. You should try to mount the NAS drive into a folder which is on the local drive; at least that would get you rid of the issue with the disappearing net path, maybe. Sure enough if the drive goes missing for a while, as far as Windows in concerned, Bitcomet might still balk but perhaps it will resume (I don't know how exactly it works internally, and I've never tested this particular aspect nor can I at this moment).
  10. Your sshot is almost incomprehensible but from what I could see you're on the wrong page of the Options dialog. Encryption is on the BitTorrent page and in order to understand what each choice does you'll need to visit the Wiki.
  11. I don't think you understand very well how BitTorrent network works. I'd head into the Wiki, if I were you and start reading the first section topic and then the topics in the first section of the FAQ there, in order to get a grip on the basics.
  12. Just follow the port forwarding guide; it should give you a pretty good idea what you need to do.
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