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  1. Hi, I've just updated to the latest version, 5 and I noticed a few troubles: 1. The 'Privacy' on Options is empty 2. When clicking on 'About Cometbird' to check the version, I have an error message Please, let me know how to fix those troubles ?? PS: Look at the screenshots in attached files
  2. Are you plan to fix this extension so that we can doucle click on bookmarks ?
  3. I checked one by one all my add-ons, and finally, I found the culprit: "Browser UI Enhancement 2.11" Could you tell me more details about this add-ons ? What its main function ? How this add-ons works ? Do we really need it ?
  4. Thanks for your reply ! I can tell you that I'm happy with this new version. I noticed a great speed surfing the web. I only have this little trouble with CB 4 and I plan to keep this version.
  5. Hello, Since I have the latest version CB 4 I can't double click anymore on my saved bookmarks from the Organize Bookmarks page (Ctrl+Shift+B ) Any help, would be appreciated, thanks.
  6. Thanks for all, It's working now. The site was oron hosting files.
  7. It doesn't work by me. I noticed that even with IE, I can't get captcha. I have Java installed, the latest version.
  8. Hi again, I don't know what's happening, I can't see anymore captcha button (don't appear) when trying to download to Oron (hosting files) website. I disable and then enable javascript, but this not fix my problem. Any ideas ?
  9. The point is that I don't have such Mozilla folder on that location, that's why I asked you which are both files to make a search on my computer. Let me know, thanks in advance.
  10. Which files are they talking ? I've already installed VLC. Where to find these zip file ? Let me know thanks .
  11. Hi, I don't know what's happening but I can't install VLC plugin on CB. I installed the full VLC app. on my laptop with Mozilla plugin checked but it doesn't appear on the "plugin" CB list . How to do it, please ?
  12. Thanks for your advise ! I also tried to install the offline latest java version but nothing happens when clicking on it: jre-6u24-windows-i586-s.exe No version for CB, it's the one for FF.
  13. When reaching http://www.bitlet.org/ page, I have this message: 'This browser does not have a Java Plug-in. Get the latest Java Plug-in here.' I click in and to install, this what I did but it didn't work. After clicking installation, nothing happened. On yesterday, I uninstalled with Javara, Java plugin coming with CB as this plugin was disabled by default. CB disabled old versions by security purposes. This was the version coming with CB, jre1.6.0_22
  14. Hi, I encounter troubles when trying to install java plugin. I downloaded the file but when installing (clicking on Install button) java nothing happening.
  15. Yes, the file was extensive, you're right but it works for me now renaming that. Do you have others ideas to fix this issue ?
  16. I solve this issue by renaming places.sqlite and rebooting CB.
  17. Hi, I noticed that CB is slow when starting... It takes a long time to load the homepage when it starts: about 20-25 sec It seems that CB is hanging up during 5 sec What can I do to load quickly my homepage ? Thanks in advance !
  18. Thanks a lot Khota. Yes, I will check also to firefox forum
  19. Hi, Which do I need to keep in order to save my network passes and bookmarks ? I plan to copy and cut to another profile. Thanks !
  20. Thanks a lot for all the explanation, Yesterday, I uninstalled Outpost Pro to replace by Online Armor. I have always the same trouble with the download page.
  21. I mean when I right click on an image and select "save image as" or click on a file to "save as". The download page is freezing. See the attach file. Could you tell me which firewall to replace Outpost Firewall ?
  22. Adding info : I have Outpost Pro Firewall 7, Eset Nod 32 Antivirus, Sandboxie installed on my computer. I've just installed the latest version, CB 3.6.12 The download window is freezing a few seconds before the download began.
  23. Hi to the CB staff, I get some troubles when downloading a file or a pic, the download window freezes a few seconds before locating the downloaded folder CB 3.5.5 Any help to solve this issue ? CB is slow even when sending an email via my yahoo webmail or when posting a message in a forum
  24. Kluelos, it's not a matter of servers as I have this trouble with all kind of websites that needing a new webpage to display pictures. With Internet Explorer, it only takes 2 sec to load the same picture on a new webpage. Thanks for your suggestion, The UnUsual Suspect Icon, but I already did exactely what you said. On this webpage, if I click on the right on the little picture, I don't have any choice to open on a new tab. I think the way will be to modify the about:config file, but I don't know exactely what to modify. Anybody has a suggestion to accelerate loading page ? Thanks in advance
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