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  1. There is no dialog box, or any other kind of notification when this happens; I'm just no longer connected to the internet. I can't use my browsers, downloads stop, and the little wifi signal indicator in the notifications area develops a pesky little yellow exclamation point. I click on it and it says "limited connectivity." When I go to Network and Sharing Center, It shows that I am connected to the network, but the network isn't connected to the internet. Here's the rub... All other computers on the network show that the network is connected to the internet. All of their browsers work and downloads are uninterrupted. In addition, the affected computer does not have a problem connecting in Linux. Thus, Windows 7 "doesn't detect" the connection between the router and the modem rather than the connection doesn't exist. Sorry about the screen shots, but I couldn't think what to show, other than the erroneous connection loss shown by the wifi signal icon or the big red X between the network and the internet on the network and sharing center. Thanks again for the help.
  2. Hi friends. I'm seeing a new behavior during downloads that i'm not familiar with. Running version 1.27 on my newish Win 7 laptop machine through a linksys WRT54G2 wifi router and a comcast provided Motorola cable modem. (can't find ID on model #) For the last week I've been having trouble with the sudden inability to detect the internet connection. This only occurs during torrent downloads, and does not affect the ability to detect the network.(router) Rebooting has no effect. Attempts to troubleshoot using windows fail, and always end with being unable to connect to the network. I have found 2 ways around the problem. First, I can reboot to Linux, and detect the connection with the same machine. (no other network computers are affected when this happens) Second, I can perform a restore using any previous restore point. (including points since the behavior began) If I start BitComet but don't start any downloads, It doesn't occur. One other odd occurence... I have to perform hash checks after a successful restore in order to restart download. Grateful for any ideas.
  3. Yes, I did "read this." The notice is not pertinent in this case, as most of my download speeds are well within the fantastic range. My question deals specifically with very large files in an otherwise optimum operating environment.
  4. Can anyone tell me why I have such slow download rates when downloading very large files? (4GB) All other files with similar seeding rates will give me rates of 250 to 1500, but these large files go <60. I've increased my seeding rate to max, but without result.
  5. Thanks Suspect, That is exactly what I suspected. It appears that the post has a 5sec avi file, a redirect pop-up, and a 600+MB file all strung together so that when the user attempts to open with a media player, they get the 5sec clip,then the redirect. I've already taken the steps you outlined, but since I Didn't run the exe. installer, I think I dodged the bullet. Thanks again.
  6. First time posting. Not having any problems with client or connection at present(hooray) Tried twice to download Star Trek from different sources. most recently, BClink=bc://bt/QUEvU3RhciBUcmVrIDIwMDkgVEVMRVNZTkMgQUFDIFNlY3JldE15dGggS2luZ2RvbSBSZWxlYXNlLzczMzgyMjQ4MC9mMmRlZmQ4NWI0NzI4N2RlNjU0N2FlOWRlZmNjMmNhMzNkZGRlYzFlL1pa Entire movie downloaded without any problem, but when I try to play it I get a message box that says the file format does not match the AVI extension. Then I get a screen that says "Use Windows Media Player" Finally, I get a pop-up to a webpage (http://freaktorrents.info/block/9.5/)that says "You are trying to play a High Quality Video. Due to server Costs, etc, we decided to protect our Movie Releases and can only be played by our sponsor's custom player. Dont worry as it is still 100% Free. Just download the player to play the video file. We hope you understand this hassle. Click Here to Download" Then, it directs me to a site where I can download an installer for a modified version of an opensource viewer. My concern is that the installer is authored by ZangoCash, and is almost certainly spyware. I'd also like to watch the movie I downloaded without infecting my computer. Does anyone know of a way around this problem?
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