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  1. Hi Suspect! It's been a long time since we talk. It's nice to hearing from you again. First of all, thanks for your suggestion. However I'm not sure if someone can run multiple versions of Firefox at the same time, despite an installed build or a portable one. I know it's possible to run e.g. the release channel and the Aurora channel at the same time, by using the Mozilla's Profile Manager or even using the very same Firefox's profiles at the same time. That's something you can do, right? But the handle is different if you use Firefox and CometBird simultaneously, it's easier and nicer. It's like having 2 things very similar but each from its own place, without jammin' each other. No, no, we share the same point of view. I was one of the first Mozilla Communities' member who was not happy at all with this decision of releasing a new Firefox major version every 6 weeks or so. Anyway, they did it. :P But there's a hope for CometBird developers: adopt CB to Firefox ESR —Mozilla Firefox Extended Support Release—, which currently is in version 10.0.10esr, released some days ago, which will last around one year, with eventual security fixes only, not a whole new code every 6 weeks like the regular releases. That would be a really smart idea since developers only should update a few files, not all the source code. We all hope so. CometBird is a very important piece of software in my computer and I don't wish it to die as other great projects did... Best regards,
  2. Hi everyone, As you may know I'm one of the all-time CometBird's user. I love this web browser as this is a perfect partner for Firefox — I mean, hands up if you ever wanted to have 2 Firefoxs running at the same time because of your 2 Google/Yahoo!/whatever accounts... ;) CometBird used to help a lot to users like me. However, since far April CometBird have stopped updating. Last version available is 11.0 from 2012.04.01 and Firefox's current version is 16.0.1. :o So far, none of the CometNetwork employees told us what happened, why there is no more updates since a long time. I repeat, I love CB, but it's seriously risky to go browsing around with such outdated web browser. So I think I've gotten a possible solution for all those CB users that are as worried as me — The solution is to try the Comodo's IceDragon web browser, which is a Firefox's fork for Windows, just like CB. Good news is that current IceDragon version is, which means it's just updated as current Firefox release. IceDragon is available in the same languages that Firefox, the installer is in United States English though. If you need to change the browser's UI language, once you installed and ran it, go to Tools > Options > General > and under the Select browser language (requires restart) option, select your favorite language. Then, choose your preferred languages for browsing the web: go to Tools > Options > Content > Languages section and click the Choose... button. So here you have the IceDragon web browser by Comodo. Anyway I'll keep using CometBird v11.0 until next new year because I hope they release new versions of CB. If they don't, I'll keep using CB11 until December's last days. Hope this alternative web browser helps other people as it did for me. ;) Best regards,
  3. fprintmoon: Hi. That's strange, since it'd should be considered the default Firefox/CometBird behavior. I don't know, have you tried unchecking this box at the Options menu? — Sorry, I have the Spanish (Argentina) locale installed. fbjawrky69: Hi. Try installing this add-on. Best regards,
  4. Grove_Master: Hi. There's a way to recover that URL. What you have to know is that by doing this you will delete last URLs you visited. So if you bookmarked some important URL last days, I'm gonna ask you to write'em down —copy them & paste them in a text file— before returning to the previous URL database where you have that URL you missed. So go to the Library and select Import and restore... — Since I'm using the Spanish (Argentina) locale, I don't remember the exact name of that button. Then you have to select a date when you're sure that URL wasn't erased yet. Check this screenshot: Once you get that URL, visit the ones you copied & pasted in the text file in order to add them to the URL's DB. Hope this helps. Best regards,
  5. Hi everybody! It's been a really long time since my last post in these forums, but I'm still a regular CB user as always. I'd just like to ask if someone knows about when will be released the next version of CB. I feel a lil worried since current CB (11) was released in April 1st, and now Firefox 15.0.1 is out there. I don't wanna bother developers not moderators with such some silly questions, but I'd really love to have an updated version of CometBird. I just miss it. :) Thank u a lot all o' ya guys!
  6. Hi folks, How are ya doin'? It's been a long time, isn't it? I've been using CometBird all this time, of course. I've found an issue though. The BitComet Video Downloader 1.29 add-on is not working with YouTube no more. I've no tried other sites, but I wasn't able to download videos from YouTube at least. Have someone else experienced the same issue before the 1.29 version? What about Vimeo or Dailymotion? I've got no clue about what's happenin' with this add-on now, or even whether YouTube has made any change to its code. No clue, guys. :huh: Any comment related will be very welcomed. Best regards,
  7. Hi everybody there, I forgot an important modification for future releases of CometBird: Please, change the about:config's browser.tabs.closeButtons value of the integer to 1, instead of 0. That's it. Thanks.
  8. nicolecora, The plugin-container.exe process is vital, since Adobe Flash Player, Quicktime and Silverlight plugins will be kept there, in case CometBird crashes (plugin-container.exe avoids CometBird to crash fully if any any of these plugin does respond). If any of these plugins crash, all you've got to do is just reload the conflictive page and that's it. Regards,
  9. Welcome to the "Google way". :D srinivasmv419, Howdy, man! Been a long time, hasn't it? As Mozilla Firefox as CometBird haven't native support for rendering some of the mobile webpage's formats, which is a shame. Opera is one of the few —if not the only one— web browser that includes that native support. That's why you were able to display that mobile webpage in Opera with no problem. Install the XHTML Mobile Profile add-on to make CometBird able to display mobile webpages properly and this problem was yesterday! Regards,
  10. UnUsual, First and main, thank you for sharing your thoughts about my suggestions. I really appreciate them. Now, about the translation function, I was wonderin' whether it's technically possible to include into CometBird 4.0 the optional webpage translator built in Google Chrome. Yeah, that's yet another web browser, I know. :P And..., yeah, that'd possibly be a lot of extra work. But that could be some kinda impressive crossovering function. I don't even know if that worth doing it, but you can't deny Google's translation service is that bad. :D Oh, includin' Google webpage translator function would be also helpful because they have some more lingos to translate from/to — Some of them are in beta status though. I was about to get in touch with Lucy26 but zerojinn appeared and saved me. B) zerojinn, Pleased to meet you. Happy Bday, lady! :rolleyes: Thanks for posting a CB Development Team's reply so quickly. ;) 1st one: The Translator function What does the Development Team think about my suggestion above ('bout the Translator function from Google Chrome)? 2nd one: Live Bookmarks of the CometBird's es-AR locale Cool! I'm gonna double check the proposed list of live bookmarks for the es-AR locale and PM it to you next week, with the reasons why I chose them. 3rd one: Close-tab-by-double-click function Have you read that, UnUsual?! They're gonna disable it! Woo hoo! :lol: Seriously, that's good news. At least, for The UnUsual Suspect and me. :P Now, really serious (LOL): Please, tell the Development Team to include a checkbox [read that post, please] into the Browser UI Enhancement add-on for CometBird users who want to enable it. That will avoid users going to the about:config setting page (read avoid headaches). Best regard for both you people. Have a happy weekend.
  11. L :lol: L What Ossie7 actually tried to say with final it's that the current, available-for-download release of Mozilla Firefox 4.0 ain't alpha or beta or RC (Release Candidate), but final 4.0, as definitive 4.0, or ready-to-use-by-everyone, safe enough, stable enough.
  12. Hi all o' ya, I'd like to make 3 suggestions about CometBird, specially now than Mozilla Firefox 4.0 was released and, let me guess, there will be also a CB 4.0 any time soon. My first suggestion is about a function of the Browser UI Enhancement add-on. The Translator function should be disabled by default (unchecked boxes), because it's very annoying to leave the cursor over any text and have that word translated into a tooltip. I'm not asking to remove the Translator function, but to keep it disabled out of box. Secondly, I don't know if this is technical possible, but I'd really love to contribute to the Live Bookmarks of the CometBird's es-AR locale. I mean, I want to contribute to the es-AR locale by replacing most of these websites by the ones that the Argentinian users use most. Can I send my suggested sites to the CometBird Development Team in order to modify the Live Bookmarks of the CB's es-AR locale? Finally, could you disable the close-tab-by-double-click function by default? Again, I'm not asking to remove it — just asking for disable it by default. That's all. I'd like to read what other CometBird user think about these suggestions of mine. Kind regards,
  13. I can tell you don't know FileHippo.com, kluelos. :D What you say it's true. Lots of sites offer supposed virus-free and spyware-free software but they're actually malware. FileHippo.com, however, it's the exception to the rule. It's a highly recommended website for download software for Windows, for free (most of these pieces of software are freeware and just a few is trial versions). In fact, while Adobe was "officially" distributing the Adobe Flash Player plugin only with the Adobe Download Manager add-on for Mozilla family web browsers, you could go to FileHippo.com and download the last version of the AFP plugin itself, cleaned up, with no built-in add-on. The update process always took no more than 5 seconds (yeah, you read it right — Only five seconds after double clicking on the AFP plugin installer). Check FileHippo.com from time to time or subscribe to its web feed. You will just love it. B) Best regards,
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