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  1. Ciao !!!!!!!!!

    Left a message in the BLOG. Do you use it or has everybody switched to the new Forum ??

    What about Robyn, still in Japan? What happened with Aca1507 ?

    Ciao Amigo.

  2. Hí Bleky nice to know about you,sorry for be late but I don´t usually stay aroun hereim very well but now I stay on holidays so is very nice to do what you wont,it is a pity you don´t stay in the blog we miss you,wel hope every things going well for you my dear friend,I wish for you all the best,always your,Bartolo

  3. Hello Bartolo, hows going? Hope you are having great time, take care my friend, enjoy

  4. Esta vez aquí, les deseo una buena noche, querido amigo.

  5. you are welcome my friend,hugs bartolo

  6. you are the best,tell you Natalia,kiss bartolo

  7. Cheers my friend!

  8. Happy new year Bartolo!Always be happy!

    All the best for you my sweet friend!

    heheeheh....see you next year!....heheheeh

  9. hí Bleky my dear friend I wish for you all the best my friend enjoy and be happy.happy new year.hugs bartolo

  10. sweet friend Natalia,whish for you all the best for the end and entrance of new year,enjoy.bartolo

  11. hola my friend attila,wish for you all,the best at the end of this f****** year,and much better for this year is coming 2010,all the best my friend and happy new year,hugs batolo

  12. hola pier mi amigo yo tambien te deseo todo lo mejor para este año nuevo 2010,salud dinero y amor.venga happy new year fo you all.bartolo

  13. Para usted y su familia los mejores deseos de un feliz Año Nuevo!

  14. Happy New Year !!!...and the very best for you and your family !

    hugs Atti !

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