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  1. I have left my original data loss (hash check) topic to see what progress or advance is done on dataloss issue but to my sorrow no progress here and no new version of BitComet is released now . I been more than a month and a half since i left all torrent activities . So tell me , What hav I missed and is There any new good news yet? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, As you see the title , I have CometBird version 3.6.13 and Windows Xp SP2 updated installed on my system . I have many websites as open tabs on CometBird , every time I exit from CometBird , I have to save those tabs as CometBird asked before exiting. I was fool enough not to Bookmark those tabs (websites) . So Yesterday My system crashed after sudden Power failure , when I Started my system again , Windows did a Check Disk Scan , during which it showed two files (with *.js extension) were corrupted , one was left and other file was trancated by Windows , there we
  3. Thank to your replies and help Guys . kluelos give too much detail on port , which is pretty much waste of your thoughts and time but I appretiate it. I am also studying networking. Now kindly tell me clearly which version i use 1.22 or 1.26. First I want to do is to uninstall version 1.25 , delete all ports regarding bitcomet in firewall . Then I am going to install your described version . Definitely I am going to save my settings via bitcomet Export option. Kindly Guide me in these tasks. I also want to mention that when I previosly upgrade BitComet I modify path to BitComet folder ,
  4. Dear Admin, I may post in pinned topic " Data loss issue" , but here I am posting all my BitComet Problems and issues in separate topic . I have emailed all issues to "support@bitcomet.com" on February 18' but since I receive no anwer ,so I have to post here . Data loss "hash check" issues I think started on 15 or 16 February. I am using Windows Xp Sp2 . Well here is text from my mail. I have some issues with BitComet Client , which needed to be resolved very soon. I am using version 1.25 . I understand that you will imediately advise me to upgrade to most recent version.
  5. You have not carefully read my first post, I clearly say that Both *.xml and *.bak file were of same size (1.something kb) and list was blank. Now if someone tell me that what is considered corrupt information in restored files ,I can edit them using notepad. Or tell me some other ways. Another thing I want to know is that which files are stored in Archive subfolder in BitComet Folder since file name are not understandable. About the backup suggestion on BitComet Server, My understanding is that our every download goes through BitComet Server and information may be stored there in form of ca
  6. I did some work to recover download.xml file by using recover software , I get three files. files are round about two and half megabyte . I deleted the original download.xml (new) file and renamed recovered file to download.xml , when I start Bitcomet ,nothing changed . after that I tried two other files but no avail , I also changed *.bak file with recovered ones. these files are close to date and time when original ones get deleted . I also opened these files in notepad and they contain torrents information. Here is my suggestion to BitComet software that torrent download lists or their
  7. I use to download torrents or files from torrent collection in torrent share section in BitComet . yesterday I was getting too many files from that section and system was exhasted. my file I collected from that section needed to be changed from BC link to proper torrent link , so I waited. Suddenly BitComet crashed ,when I restart it after starting Windows , My Downloaded and Downloading files (torrents) are nomore in list. I could only see files in Torrent archive in Torrent share section . When I searched for backup files (Downloads.xml and //.bak) in BitComet folder , both are very small
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