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  1. recently, whenever I run a public torrent for every 30 sec or so broadband band connection just dies ( internet light stops blinking on the modem and stays like that for a second or two, it actually supposed to blink) as you can imagine it it seriously frustrating. but it never happens while I'm running a private torrent.so obiously I thought too many connections or connection request might be that cause so I changed the value of network.max_connections to 100 but even after that nothing happned. so I tried same settings in utorrent connection break out happened only thrice for the duration of
  2. thank you so much for your input TUUS :)
  3. there is so much dust around here,and it gets pretty hot too, you know I'm leaving near a sea and right below the equator so you get the picture, I'm tired of cleaning my cabinet every month for a whole day. so my first priorities are cooling, dust filters, cable management, size, layout over build and look I don't mind even it is clumsy.so these is my final short list Cooler master HAF 912 combat Corsair carbide 400R Cooler master K380 Review Lancoolpc K-58 (or anything from the Dragon series ) while first 2 are pretty popular and costs a lot more, the 2nd two cost pretty
  4. sorry for the delay I think it's my turn to miss this out :) , I tried all of the above still no luck, but what amused me was when I continued my download in utorrent it finished that task without any issue ! I didn't changed the location or anything, I added the same task in the same address did a hash check and continued the same thing,so this might not be a disk issue
  5. well.........so nothing ha? I'll just bump it up then..............
  6. hello forum moderators :) It's been a while...... how are you guys ? anyway after very long time bitcomet driving me crazy now OS : windows 7 ultimate (x64) BitComet_1.36_(x64) & (x32) RAM : 2 sticks 4GB each single Chanel mode Issue: this strange problem started last night when I started downloading this magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9E515E501C3A80EA29A406ADBD505149AE3E4E92&dn=mass+effect+galaxy+edition+updated+repack+by+rg+mechanics&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.publicbt.com%3A80%2Fannounce&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337 1.when I ran this torrent on my BitComet_1.36_(x64)
  7. update : I resolved it by disabling 'search for mirror to speed up your downloads' in task properties :)
  8. OS: wondows 7 profeseional 64bit bitcomet : 1.36 yup that's about it and here is the link if anybody wan't to try it http://download1.msi..._drivers_mb.zip thanks in advance :)
  9. that's true, I never expected such carelessness form Google :( I just read an article about "Olympic torch virus" lol to think it will burn the hard disk that too C drive only :D anyway it's good to know............
  10. OK that's a relief :) but do we actually have something like uploads that is http://www.cometforums.coms/uploads ?
  11. for the last 2 weeks I've been trying to access this forum(from Google chrome) that is http://www.cometforums.com/ but all I get is this warning page warning page: http://safebrowsing....chrome&hl=en-US however entering http://www.cometforums.com in Mozilla Firefox won't rise any alram but, if I try to access the reported link that is http://www.cometforums.coms/uploads same page appears http://safebrowsing....ms.com/uploads/ so what's going on?
  12. really! that a relief :lol: and TUSS I don't mind having legendary 'rust bucket' :P
  13. C'mon!! I thought I will remain as winner at least for 3-4 days, anyway I'm back now :)
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